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Hopefield High School sponsors evening held annually.
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How HSH helped raise funds to keep ourselves the most affordable quality education in the West Coast

Support HSH via Club160+

HSH turned 160 years old on 1 April 2016!

The School Governing Body, under the initiative of Johan Coetzé, established a voluntary fundraising club open to the broader school community. Hence the name of the Club, with the '+' denoting the ongoing involvement of not only the growing body of ex-learners, but also parents, community leaders, businesses, sport and cultural support organisations and other interested parties.

The Club 160+ membership initiative was introduced for the sole purpose of involving our school’s parents with our school’s Objectives Fund.

In 2019, the Department of Education provided only 3% of our operating costs, so it's clear that the school has dire need for sponsorships, donations, fundraisers and the regular payment of school fees to address the shortfall.

In addition, in order to maintain our superb academic excellence, HSH requires constant upgrading of facilities and electronic equipment for classrooms, air-conditioners etc. HSH also continuously, and strategically, pursues the best teaching staff possible.

Ways of getting involved at HSH:

  • The most important way to get (and stay) involved with HSH and to make our school great is by paying your school fes on time, every time!
  • If you are exempt from paying school fees, challenge yourself to make your voluntary monthly Resolution 1 contribution.
  • You can also register as a Club 160+ member by completing and submitting the Voluntary Contribution Form now!
  • As a Club 160+ member you can offer your professional skills, labour or material to HSH as required free of charge. You can also make a much needed once-off or scheduled financial contribution towards the HSH School Objectives Fund.
  • NB: Financial contributions made to the HSH Club 160+ Objectives Fund can in no way be redirected to a learner's bus fees, school fees, or for any other purpose other than what it was initially intended for. A tax certificate can be made available on request.
  • Sponsor our sports teams (have your company logo prominently displayed on our sports attire as well as our well-ranking website).
  • Support our various Fundraisers by sponsoring prizes or assisting with organization.
  • Adopt a child by sponsoring a needy learner's school fees, hostel fees, school or sports attire.
  • Old Boys- and Girls Union: Watch this Space...
  • We all share the worthy goal of keeping Hopefield High School the school of Excellence!

The HSH Donors support learners' education and development - a worthy cause.

Our Valued HSH Sponsors

HSH is extremely grateful for the fantastic support we're receiving from our Sponsors!

We value all the ways in which you can help. Anything you offer, we will Thank You for!

Our top sponsors (in terms of monetary value) are featured in the banner at the bottom of each webpage and all sponsors are featured in our downloadable full sponsor list. It's tricky to keep up to date, so if your name is not on the list of current sponsors, or your contact info is incomplete (and you did not request to have it left out), please let us know!

To feature in our banner, you'd need to bump another sponsor in terms of sponsorship value - talk to us to find out what this would mean at present. So this valuable, prime digital exposure on our website is essentially open to an ongoing auction.

Our learners are preparing for a cut-throat world and we NEED your sponsorships to educate well-equipped kids for our future.

Alumni of Hopefield High School

Hopefield High School is eternally grateful for the Alumni of HSH who are great supporters of ongoing education and development of HSH students.

Are you an ex-HSH learner who'd like to pay it forward and help a new generation of students to achieve their potential?

We'd love your support and it can be as formal as Club 160+ membership, or a donation of skills, or the sponsorship of a team. Get together with those your matric class and do something great!

The HSH Alumni are great at supporting new learners' education and development - we are grateful for all support.

Are you a business leader wanting prominent exposure for your brand on our HSH sport team clothing...?

How can you contribute to the sustainable success and excellence of our beloved Hopefield High School?

Achievements & Next Year's Goals

Club 160+ operates as a sub-committee of the School Governing Body, in a consultative, supportive role. It is constrained by strict governance policy to ensure careful goal setting, record-keeping and spending of sponsorship funds.

In 2020, the following was achieved with the help of our supporters:

  • Five classrooms were painted.
  • Hallways and outdoor stage were painted.
  • Ceilings in Gr 1 & 2 classrooms were replaced.
  • Tube lights were replaced in some classrooms.
  • Airconditioner was installed in Gr 3 classroom.
  • Additional shelving was installed in the clothing bank.
  • Paving was done by school hall & foundation phase playground.
  • New windows were installed in the junior change rooms.

Our Top Goals for 2021 are:

  • Junior change rooms by the sports grounds will be upgraded.
  • Dressing rooms at the sports grounds will be upgraded.
  • The WCED and Dept of Public Works are currently doing maintenance to our school building to the value of R2.8 million. A further R3 million's worth of maintenance to our hostels has been approved for 2021.

Supporters' Gear

HSH offers attractive and functional supporters' gear for your convenience.

What a wonderful way to support and market our fantastic school at the same time!

Wear the HSH gear with pride to school and sport events. The design is so smart, you can actually wear these articles anywhere, and be a great advertisement for the school!

Supporters' Gear offered:

  • Mens and Ladies Softshell Jackets (S - 5XL)
  • Mens and Ladies Stradford Jackets (S - 5XL)
  • Unisex Solo Golfer Shirts (S - 5XL)
  • Le Coste Cap Navy
  • Buffs (get yours from the school library)

Orders can be placed directly with Eldorina in Vredenburg:

  • Prosesstraat 17b, Vredenburg, 7380
  • Tel: 022 713 1821
  • Fax: 022 713 2186
  • Email: eldorina@telkomsa.net

You can fit with them, or order via the order form (see link below), as you prefer.

Payment is made to Eldorina.

You can typically collect your gear within about 2 weeks.

Support HSH by wearing the HSH supporters' clothing with pride!

Show your pride in HSH by wearing HSH-branded clothing