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~ HSH Academic Achievements of Note! ~

West Coast School with best academic results - 100% pass rate over many years, excellent teachers &  where academic achievement is awarded.
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At Hopefield High School matric pass rate of 100% has become the norm.

Academics: Small Classes -> High Pass Rate

HSH shines at academic achievement; one of the many reasons why Hopefield High School is "the best school on the West Coast". With our superb teaching staff, we've set the standard for West Coast High School academics by consistently achieving.

Our learners achieved the following in 2020:

  • 94 out of 95 learners passed
  • 100% attained exemption to study at a tertiary institution
  • a class average of 66%

In 2020 91.5% of our matrics attained university exemption; 8 learners achieved A average and 24 learners achieved B average. Once again, in 2020 HSH was included in the top 20 in the Western Cape for our Maths results. Another phenomenal achievement is that HSH came third in the Western Cape for Gr 12 Afrikaans Home Language!

In 2019 we achieved a 100% matric pass rate and 98% rate of matrics attaining exemption to study at a tertiary institution. 80% of our matrics attained university exemption; 5 learners achieved A average and 17 learners achieved B average. Once again, in 2019 HSH was included in the top 20 in the Western Cape for our Maths results. Another phenomenal achievement is that HSH was included in the National Top 20 for Gr 12 Afrikaans Home Language.

In 2018 79% of our matrics attained university exemption and 4 learners achieved A average and 15 learners achieved B-average. In 2017 77% of our matrics attained university exemptions and we brag with 3 students attaining an A average and 22 students attaining a B average! In 2016 76% of our 79 matrics attained university exemption, with 7 students getting an A average and 13 students getting a B average. In 2015 62% of our 68 matrics attained university exemption and 3 students achieved A average and 18 students achieved a B average. In 2014, the University Exemption rate was 67% and, proudly, one learner made it to the top 20 in the Western Cape (out of 49 000 learners!)

In 2019, HSH again excelled in the externally set Systemic Test assessment in Languages and Mathematics. The Grade 3 class was 38% above, the Grade 6 results were 48% above and the Grade 9 results were 52% above the provincial average.

Our relatively small class sizes are part of our winning formula: Our Primary School classes are on average 30 learners per class; and our High School classes are mostly less than 25 per class.

HSH Subject Choices

All Grades may take music and art as extra-mural subjects offered by external institutions; it counts towards official subject marks in the higher grades.

Grade R - 3 learners are taught the prescribed Foundation phase subjects.

Grade 4 - 6 learners are taught the prescribed Intermediary phase subjects.

Graad 7 - 9 are taught the prescribed Senior phase subjects.

Grade 8 - 9 subjects include English & Afrikaans (either as home, the other as additional language), Life Orientation, Maths, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics & Management Sciences, Technology and Creative Arts.

Grade 10-12 learners have to choose subjects from the following 7 streams offered. AdMath, Art & Design may be taken as additional subjects at external facilities.

    • Afrikaans Primary Language
    • Afrikaans First Additional Language
    • English Home Language
    • English First Additional Language
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematics Literacy
    • Life Orientation (compulsory)
    • Physical Science
    • Business Studies
    • Computer Application Technology (CAT)
    • Consumer Studies
    • Accounting
    • Music
    • Geography
    • Engineering Graphics & Design (EGD)
    • Life Sciences
    • Computer Application Technology (CAT)
    • Tourism
    • Music
HSH targets a broad range of careers with a variety of subject choices offered at the senior level.

The school highly recommends aptitude testing to guide subject choices. Our in-house school counsellor assists learners with career choices and administers some tests, or refer, depending on requirements. While career guidance is not her main focus, it does form part of her role.

Hopefield High School students are supported to achieve at their best, so that they'll have an chance at finding a job eventually.
Hopefield High School students excel and are winners at ESKOM Science Expo.

ESKOM Science Expo Achievements

HSH also excels at the annual ESKOM Science Expo.

Being project and research based, the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists encourages students to identify a problem, analyse information, find solutions right across the scientific spectrum and communicate their findings effectively.

It offers students the opportunity to broaden their scientific horizons and knowledge.

Our learners' academic versatility is further enhanced by their participation in a variety of culture, Olympiad, general knowledge, debating and Eisteddfod extramurals.

2019 highlights: our learners returned with 24 medals (4 bronze, 10 silver & 10 gold). Talja Smit's project was allocated the honour of the best overall project by a girl. Subsequently, Talja and Nico Swanepoel took part in the National Expo in Boksburg where they both excelled with a Gold & Silver medal respectively. Talja's project was also awarded the best Earth Science project at the International Expo - a superb achievement!


English or Afrikaans are offered as Home Language options. This provides for mastery of language proficiency skills required in work and social situations, plus what is required to absorb information across the Grade 12 curriculum.

Afrikaans or English as First Additional Language assume that learners don't necessarily have knowledge of the language when they arrive at school. The first school years focus on teaching the basic ability to understand and speak the language. Subsequently, literacy skills are built on this oral foundation, with a view to learners being able to communicate in the language socially and as a basis for possible subsequent studies.


Pure Math makes use of symbols and notations for describing numerical, graphical and geometric relationships. Humans observe, investigate and represent patterns and qualitative relationships in physical and social phenomena, by using maths.

Math Literacy takes into account that not all students want to proceed with mathematics beyond school level, while enforcing the necessary knowledge to enable adults to reason, make decisions, solve problems and manage resources effectively.

HSH encourages a love for languages and mathematics in different ways.
Hopefield High School life sciences and physical sciences are highly regarded.

Physical Science

The study of Physical Science investigates physical and chemical phenomena through scientific inquiry, application of scientific models, theories and laws. The aim is to explain and predict events in our physical environment.

It includes Chemistry and Physics.

This subject includes a practical component in the form of experiments and projects.

Life Science

Life Sciences mean the scientific study of living things; from molecular level to their interactions with one another and their environments.

Known to older parents as Biology.

This subject includes a practical component in the form of experiments and projects.


Geography studies the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and the interaction between human activity and these physical features. It covers the impact and distribution of populations, resources, political and economic activities.

Life Orientation (LO)

Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and society. It equips learners to engage with and respond positively and responsibly to the demands of the world on all levels. It teaches constitutional rights, tolerance, the need for diversity and respect for one another. LO also includes a physical fitness component.


Tourism prepares the student for a future career in the tourism or hospitality industries.

HSH academic standards are as high in Geography as in all senior subjects offered at HSH.
Hopefield High School CAT (Computer Application Technology) as a senior subject for university exemption since 2018

Computer Application Technology (CAT)

CAT teaches learners about the hardware, software, firmware and networking of computers. It includes tuition in the most commonly used software packages (MS-Office) as well as an introduction to computer programming and database systems.

Business Studies

Business Studies teaches the business principles, theory and practice that underpin entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth.


Accounting focuses on the measuring of performance, and the processing and communicating of financial information of economic entities. It engenders discipline, transparency, ethical behaviour and accountability. It includes the compilation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements and managerial reports.

Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD)

Engineering Graphics and Design is a communication and management tool linking those who design and plan with those who produce artifacts, buildings and systems. It is used in the design phase to record and develop ideas, and in the manufacturing phase to guide those who do the manufacturing.

Known to older parents as Technical Drawing.

Consumer Studies

Consumer Studies focus on developing the learners' ability to be informed and responsible consumers of food, clothing, housing, furnishings and household equipment. This stresses optimal and sustainable use of resources to improve human well-being, given that we continually interact with our environment. It includes the practical component of home economics (cooking & baking).


HSH has a strong affinity for music - read more about our Music offerings and successes.