Hopefield High School & Primary School: the best West Coast school in Western Cape.

Hopefield High School - West Coast School of Choice

Hopefield High School is truly the best school on the West Coast, Western Cape as it offers the impossible: Small class sizes, excellent teachers, strong leadership, affordable school fees & a 100% matric pass rate most years.

Hopefield High School (and Primary School) is a dual medium, co-ed "government" school serving 760 learners from Grade R to 12.

Since 1855, learners from the entire West Coast (Hopefield, Langebaan, Langebaanweg, Saldanha, Vredenburg, St Helena Bay & Velddrif), have been attending HSH. This is made possible by HSH's excellent bus service and affordable hostels for boys and girls, close to the school.

Why HSH? The Ordinary made Extraordinary!

  • 100% Matric Pass Rate
  • 100% exemption to study at tertiary level
  • Very high university exemption
  • Relatively small classes: average 25-30 pupils per class
  • 40 Teachers hold 60+ Graduate & Post-grad qualifications
  • Varied subject choices enable range of careers
  • Accessible via affordable Hostels & Bus services
  • We shine Culturally and at Eisteddfods
  • Privatised music school offers top music tutoring
  • Our sporting delivers Provincial athletes & beyond
  • Leadership team has 200+ years' combined experience
  • Old-fashioned discipline, Future-oriented Values

HSH is going places! Our Alumni continue to make their mark on the world and each year we release more well-balanced matrics - equipped for career and life!

Academic Excellence

Relatively small classes, dedicated teachers and a culture of excellence results in top academic achievements, pass rates and exemption rates.

Discover the subjects we offer to see if it will suit your goals.

Sport Enthusiasts

Our students have excelled at Provincial level and beyond. We continue to advance our facilities, coaching methods and culture of participation.

Discover the inhouse & external sport that we actively foster.

Well-rounded Culture

Pick from a range of cultural activities both in-house and competing at Eisteddfods. We develop top musicians with our private tutoring model.

We also roll up our sleeves in social and community projects.

Affordable Hostels

Our Huis Walters and Huis Eureka hostels have been making quality schooling possible for pupils for almost 100 years. Our hostel-living helps children form strong social bonds, participate in more activities - all in a safe, country atmosphere.

Boasting with Buses

Our extensive bus service transport students from Langebaan, Langebaanweg, Saldanha, Vredenburg, St Helena Bay, Velddrif and surrounds to partake in exceptional academic development, cultural immersion and sportsmanship cultivation.

Our People

The success of Hopefield High School lies in the calibre of person involved in the leadership and governance of the school and the teachers who shape our students. We have a proud history that still reflects in our low staff turnover and results.

Intro to HSH

Watch this short intro video (4:16) about HSH to get a feel for how we do ordinary things in extra-ordinary ways.

The HSH Vision:

A school where we strive for excellence so that the full potential of every learner can be reached.

HSH Motto:

Meliora Sequor (We Strive for Excellence!)

Since the Dept of Education provides only 3% of our operating costs, we reach excellence only through the incredible support of our parents and sponsors - a combined effort to be proud of!

The HSH badge - worn with pride

HSH Mission

We strive for this for learners & staff:

  • Guide each child holistically to adulthood.
  • Develop positive self-image & good self-control.
  • Prepare pupils amply for further education in their careers.
  • Provide a safe, conducive school environment.
  • Cultivate Christian-based values & a positive outlook.
  • Honour the dignity of all, with tolerance & compassion.
  • Foster pride & loyalty towards HSH, teachers & co-students.
  • Act professionally towards colleagues, parents & pupils.
  • Involve our parents in the school milieu.

"One of the best Schools in the West coast - Thank you Hopefield High School for everything you do for the community and for the learners in the school - I am proud to be a Hopefielder." - Izilke De Jager (via Google)

"Best school in the West Coast area. 100% involvement by teachers and personnel at all levels, academic and sport." - Gideon Carstens (via Google)