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~ Stationery Requirements ~

High School Hopefield - stationery and books to buy for school.  Photo by ROBIN PIETERSE.

Stationery Requirements

We provide a list of writing books and stationery required for each Grade.

You may purchase the necessary supplies from any shop or source.

Learners must have all their books and stationery by the first day of the school year.

The 2021 book requirements for Grades R-3 are as follows:

Parents do not buy any books; instead, a fixed amount is paid to the school and the teachers buy and cover the books themselves. Costs are (list provided by Annemarie Lourens):

  • Grade R: R80
  • Grade 1: R150
  • Grade 2: R180
  • Grade 3: R170

2021 HSH Stationery Requirements - PDF:

Download your PDF Stationery Checklist now

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