West Coast School with great hostels for accessible quality education for all at HSH

Hopefield High School Hostels

Gain access to quality West Coast education with the well equipped, affordable HSH School Hostels: Huis Eureka for Girls & Huis Walters for Boys. Well-run, close to the school and offering a family feeling usually lacking at school hostels.

Note that learners go home each weekend, unless a school event necessitates special arrangements.

Whatever your own hostel nightmares may have been; forget them! These school hostels present a whole new standard in school housing.

Huis Eureka appointments:
Tel 082 466 1846.

Huis Walters appointments:
Tel 082 779 3328.

Girls' Hostel: Huis Eureka

Since 1939 when Huis Eureka was built, many girls have enjoyed access to the best value quality education available on the West Coast, no matter where they were from. The sense of belonging, structure and proximity to school facilities all mean a happier, more relaxed learner.

At Hopefield High School hostel food will raise your expectations!

Huis Eureka Features

Today, Huis Eureka is home to about 50 HSH girl learners from all over the West Coast and beyond, from Grade 8-12.

Learners share in a sense of family and disciplined structure, while still free to express their individuality.

With spacious, squeaky-clean facilities, computer access, cool study hall, relaxation spaces, well-planned meals and several teachers living in the hostel to help with the support and guidance of these young ladies, you'll battle to find a better, more affordable base for your daughter.

The hostel is conveniently situated a block away from the school & pool, and easy walking distance to the sports grounds.

Hostel Lounge of Hopefield's Huis Eureka Hostel

Why Huis Eureka?

Huis Eureka is truly one of the most beautiful, well-positioned, well-run hostels on the West Coast. It is also continuously undergoing further upgrades as budget allows.

It's impossible to feed and transport learners at the hostel fees! A convenient, affordable option that also helps with your child's social integration.

Most importantly, in the interest of the child, hostel saves learners from spending hours on the bus or commuting - freeing up 60-100 minutes per day for their sport or studies.

This hostel offers a calm, clean environment in which learners form bonds and can easily collaborate on projects.

The Hopefield High School hostels offer dedicated house-parents to see to the professional running and support of the HSH hostels.

Huis Eureka Facilities

Huis Eureka offers:

  • Roomy dorms with ample packing space
  • Large, well-run kitchen offering balanced meals
  • A bright, happy dining hall
  • Clean ablution facilities and bathrooms
  • A well-lit, cool study hall plus computer center with internet
  • Comfortable entertainment room for hanging out
  • Lovely garden spaces for fresh air & sunshine
  • Several live-in teachers for support & transfer of the school ethos
HSH boys hostel Huis Walters has provided several generations of boys access to quality education.

Boys' Hostel: Huis Walters

The boys' hostel, Huis Walters, has a most fascinating history since 1928. It stands proud of the number of children for whom it provided access to a quality education on the West Coast. Combining structure, safety and camaraderie, it is a happy base for play, work and becoming men.

HSH hostel communal rooms help all students to relax and connect.

Huis Walters Features

Today, Huis Walters houses HSH boys from all over the West Coast and even further afield. While it is a safe, structured and disciplined residence for learners, there is still ample room for play and individual expression in a genial environment.

This solid building with a clear view over over Hopefield fynbos towards the windfarm offers a farm-feel. It also has beautiful gardens and spacious, light facilities. It is conveniently situated two blocks from the school and pool, and in easy walking distance of the sports grounds.

The kitchens are squeaky-clean, expertly staffed and can support the well-balanced, hearty meals a growing boy needs. Several teachers live in.

Parents will not find a more affordable and convenient base for their young gentlemen. Provide your son with a solid, safe home away from home.

Looking for a West Coast School with an affordable hostel for boys?  HSH's Huis Walters for boys is the answer!

Huis Walters: Boys to Men

Leadership development is emphasised in Huis Walters. Boys also form strong social bonds and learn to share, work and play in harmony and with tolerance. These efforts are proven successful by the regular representation of hostel residents on the Student Leadership Body.

We also place strong emphasis on academics at Huis Walters and boys are actively encouraged to reach their highest potential. Primary school learners get special attention. The school and hostel programmes are synchronised to ensure maximum participation in sport, culture and social activities.

It's unlikely a parent can feed and transport learners at our affordable hostel fees!

Hostel also saves learners from spending hours on the bus or commuting - freeing up 60-100 minutes per day for their sport, studies or social integration.

Hopefield High School hostels offer spacious, bright facilities in easy reach of the school.

Huis Walters Facilities

Huis Walters offers:

  • Roomy dorms with ample packing space
  • Clean ablution facilities and bathrooms
  • A spacious, well-equipped study hall
  • A computer room with internet access so students can excel at homework and projects
  • Relaxing entertainment areas (with Pool table and TV)
  • Really lovely gardens for outdoor horseplay
  • Live-in teachers provide continuity of the school ethos
  • A structured but caring family atmosphere.