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~ HSH Sporting Activities ~

HSH encourages sport participation and it is made easy with a variety of sport offered by Hopefield High School.
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At Hopefield High School sport everyone who participates is a winner and those who win are HSH sport heroes!

Athletics / Cross Country at HSH

The immense popularity of HSH athletics is reflected in the outstanding results we achieve year after year. Our athletes excel at Provincial and National level and regularly return home with some medals.

This is in large part thanks to the high numbers of Hopefield High School athletes who represent HSH on track and field. We proudly maintain an almost 100% participation rate at our inter-house colours event each year!

The athletic track is at the Hopefield Sports Grounds which is a short walk from the school. It has stands and changing rooms and further improvements are planned for 2018.

The athletic achievements of HSH attests to highly motivated and skilled team of coaches.

2018 highlights: 29 of our athletes were chosen to represent our school at the Boland Championships where 9 of our athletes were awarded provincial colours, to compete at the Western Cape Championships. Two HSH athletes qualified for the South African Championships. 1 learner took part in the Cross Country National Championships as part of the West Coast team.

Cricket at HSH

We are proud that HSH has produced excellent cricketers.

Our facilities include a cricket field with three cricket pitches and four nets.

The cricket facilities are situated at the Hopefield Sports Grounds which is a short walk from the school.

We coach mini-cricketa at HSH. Officially we train twice a week and matches are also played during the week.

2018 highlights: 4 of our cricket players were included in the West Boland cricket teams. Two were included in the Boland Country Districts u/17 cricket team and one excelled when he was included in the S.A. Country Districts team (and was offered a bursary to further his cricket career in New Zeeland). Our first cricket team last lost a game in February 2016!

HSH cricket is well established and performing well.

Hopefield High School gholfers are a small but dedicated group of sportsmen.

Golf at HSH

HSH is very proud of its golf team that plays in the Boland West league on Mondays.

Langebaan Country Club is used as our home course.

2018 highlights: Our golf teams played regularly and 2 learners competed at the S.A. Junior Championships during the September holidays.

As always, typical Hopefield courage was displayed and this characteristic has contributed hugely to our school’s success on the sportfields.

Hockey at HSH

Hockey has made huge strides in the past years and we are proud of several teams, each playing matches every season weekend.

Over and above our dedicated coaches, our hockey teams also attend superb hockey clinics that assist in raising our standard of excellence on the field.

The hockey fields are situated at the Hopefield Sports Grounds which is a short walk from the school.

2018 highlights: We could field seven hockey teams during 2018 and we are excited about the future of hockey in our school!

HSH hockey is attracting more and more players and enjoying fantastic hockey coaches.
Hopefield High School netball teams are growing from strength to strength and achieving!

Netball at HSH

HSH girls show a healthy interest in netball!

We have four well-maintained courts and offer well-trained, enthusiastic coaches.

HSH has already delivered two National Netball players!

2018 highlights: Three of our netball players were included in the West Coast netball teams. We are excited about the quality of our junior netball teams and the future prospects of our netball in general.

Rugby at HSH

Rugby is a popular boys' sport at Hopefield High School, with up to 12 teams in action on a Saturday - from U/7 to U/19.

Hopefield High School's u/15A,u/16Aand u/19A teams regularly rank in the Top 60 of the SA School sports rankings.

A big annual highlight is the C.W.L. Baard Rugby Day where almost 1000 boys will play their passion.

2018 highlights: Three of our rugby players were awarded full provincial colours. Two players were included in the u/16 training squad of S.A. Rugby, 16 rugby players were included in the West Boland teams, and 19 players were selected for outbound international rugby tours. Our rugby teams had an excellent season showing committment, guts and many memorable victories.

High School Rugby on the West Coast is led by Hopefield High School
Hopefield High School soccer teams are dedicated and competitive.

Soccer at HSH

Hopefield High School started offering soccer only in 2008.

Right from the start our players proved competitive and they train hard to constantly improve their results.

The soccer facilities are situated at the Hopefield Sports Grounds which is a short walk from the school.

We play against nearby schools during the week.

Swimming / Biathlon at HSH

We are proud of the exceptional quality of our swimming facilities, changing rooms and covered stand.

Our very active swimming team competes in at least 7 galas per season.

The swimmming pool is right across the street from the school.

2018 highlights: We are proud of the achievements of swimmers who brought home many medals from Swartland galas and beyond. Two competed at the Interprovincial Swimming Championships in Oudtshoorn. 14 of our learners were included in various Boland biathlon teams and 2 competed at the South African Championships - another excellent achievement!

Some of our Hopefield High School swimmers consistently bring home swimming medals!
Some of our Hopefield High School tennis player do very well.

Tennis at HSH

The tennis teams of HSH have always distinguished themselves during the history of the school.

HSH offers four well-maintained tennis courts.

The girls team typically end their year as the champions in their league.

2018 highlights: 5 players were included in the West Coast Tennis team. We are also excited about the number of primary school tennis players coming through our ranks.

Other Sport at HSH

Learners are encouraged to pursue whatever sport they feel called to and achievements are recognised, even if training is received outside of the formal school extra-curricular program.

2018 highlights: Our kickboxers did us proud with 4 learners taking part at the National Kickboxing Championships where 1 was crowned as the S.A. Champion in his weight division and was included in the S.A. Kickboxing team that competed at the World Championships in Italy. Several karateka also successfully graded to the next level. One HSH learner was included in the South African Polo Crosse team and was also made captain of this team. Another learner achieved as a motocross motorcycle rider. Great variety!

HSH facilitiates mountainbiking though learners practise outside of school grounds on their own schedule. 3 learners were included in the West Coast Mountain Bike team.

Hopefield High School encourages all sporting activities.