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HSH - a governing body to help make Hopefield the best High School on the West Coast.  PHOTO BY GERHARD LOOTS.
Hopefield High School Governing Body - a more committed team would be hard to find

Governing Body of Hopefield High School

It is the responsibility of a School Governing Body to work with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education.

While the headmaster is responsible for day-to-day management, the Governing Body sets the school's strategy, goals and policies. This body also ensures a clear vision and ethos. They hold the headmaster accountable for the school's educational performance and the wellbeing of its pupils, as well as the ongoing performance management of teaching staff. Lastly they provide a financial oversight role to ensure funds are appropriately spent.

Given the importance of this role, it stands to reason that the Governing Body is a key success factor in the future of any school. Hopefield High School is fortunate to have an exceptionally accomplished, experienced and committed team as its Governing Body, made up of learner parents from the broader West Coast community served by the school.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Mr Calla Reynolds

Chairperson & Chairperson: Financial Committee - Calla Reynolds

Calla grew up on a farm in the "Koue Bokkeveld" and matriculated in Ceres in 1991, after which he obtained a Diploma in Electronic Engineering at the Cape Technikon. In 1995 he started working at Transnet in Saldanha where he remained for 15 years.

In 2014 he completed his MDP (a mini-MBA) via UNISA and started his own business (CTS).

He's married to Liezel and blessed with 2 children: Jano in Gr 8 and Mieke in Gr 6.

Vice Chairperson - Jaco Slabber

Jaco holds a BSc Agric degree (US).

Jaco is the Vice Chairperson of the HSH Governing Body and being the parent of 4 HSH learners, Jaco is very committed to seeing the school perform at its best.

He farms at Leliefontein outside Hopefield.

Notably, Jaco spent his own entire school career at HSH and in Huis Walters hostel.

When time allows, Jaco enjoys the restoration of old buildings and is a zealous sport supporter.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Jaco Slabber
Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Mr Allan Dreyden

Allan Dreyden

Allan obtained his teaching qualification from Athlone Training College in Paarl in 1984, after which he achieved his School Leadership & Management qualification from UCT (2009).

He grew up in Velddrif where he has lived since 1963. He taught primary school for 35 years (of which 17 years were spent as the principal of Panorama Primary School in Vredenburg). His passion for the profession has not waned.

He believes in a value-driven approach and his favourite values are integrity, commitment and hard work. He strives to live to the glory of God.

Marilize Janse van Rensburg

Marilize holds a National Diploma in Public Relations and works fulltime as an Event & PR Manager at SADA.

She also manages her own PR Consultancy and serves as an external moderator at CPUT for final year students in Public Relations.

She's the proud parent of an HSH learner, who also resides in Huis Walters hostel. Her daughter is a 2019 Matriculant of HSH.

She passionately supports the environment in which her children grow up. She enjoys reading and camping with her family.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - M Janse van Rensburg
Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - J Schreuder

Jurgens Schreuder - Hostels Portfolio

Jurgens completed his HED at the old National College in Pretoria and proudly holds decades worth of teaching experience.

He loves sport, landscaping, rustic woodwork, fishing and the outdoors.

He hopes to make a valuable contribution to HSH and the broader community; he especially has a very big soft spot for children.

Principal - Wehan Fourie

With a B Ed (Hons) degree spesialising in Education Management and decades of teaching experience (11 years as Principal), Wehan is a key member of the Hopefield High School Governing Body.

With his own children as HSH learners and ex-learners, he has a vested interest in ensuring that his value of positive motivation of learners is entrenched in all decisions, which balances his image of being strict but fair.

Wehan is actively involved in sport coaching (rugby & athletics) and teaches Gr 12 English.

Being a Hopefield local, Wehan enjoys diving, surfski and mountainbiking in the little free time he has. A bigger Landrover fanatic will be hard to find!

Parents and students alike receive a personal greeting from Wehan, who seems to know everyone and is able to create a friendly bond with those he comes across.

Hopefield High School Principal &  Governing Body Member - Wehan Fourie
Hopefield High School Vice Principal &  Governing Body Member - Jacques Rossouw

Deputy Principal - Jacques Rossouw

With B Sc (Computer Science & Maths); B Sc (Hons) in Computer Science; HED & B Ed (Hons) degrees and decades of teaching experience (7 years as Vice Principal), Jacques offers a unique skill set to the Governing Body.

As an HSH ex-learner, Jacques is a product of the school which he now continues to help adapt with his future-oriented views.

Apart from teaching Grades 8-12 Maths, Jacques also coaches Athletics and Rugby and he offers his IT skills to the school. He is an exceptional Master of Ceremonies.

Jacques is a Hopefield local. He is an avid bird breeder and a dedicated family man.

The learners appreciate Jacques' approachability and resonate well with his humour.

Jean Rossouw

Jean has been an educator at HSH for 11 years already. He himself was also a learner at Hopefield High School from Grade R up to Grade 12 and he is therefore absolutely loyal towards HSH and will only give his best for his school.

He is responsible for Grade 10 to Grade 12 Maths and Grade 9 Science at the school. Jean is also the subject head for Maths and Science. He is also very involved with the maintenance of discipline at the school and the neatness of learners. Outside of the classroom he is the school's u/19A rugby team coach and he also coaches athletics. He is also responsible for the school's IT systems.

His interests are mainly rugby and the progress of his school, HSH. He loves children very much and believes in the holistic development of the learners and sport participants so that they will have the necessary skills and the right attitude to tackle life after their school career.

Hopefield Hoërskool lede van die beheerliggaam van hsh - J Rossouw
Hopefield Hoërskool - een van die lede van die HSH Beheerliggaam - N van Tonder

Nelius van Tonder

Nelius holds a B.Ed (Hons) degree and has 13 years' experience as a teacher.

He is the Department Head of the primary school, responsible for academic, sport- and cultural matters at the primary school. He teaches Grade 5 & 6 Maths and Grade 6 & 7 Science. He also assists with the coaching of cricket and rugby.

He especially enjoys employing technology as part of his teaching methodology and serves as the LOOM-committee representative on the Governing Body: the committee responsible for the purchasing and distribution of teaching materials in the primary and high school.

Rosa Cruywagen

Rosa graduated with a B.Ed degree and has notched up 7 years as a teacher.

She is responsible for the social and cultural activities at the school, including: Mr and Miss HSH, Inter Schools, Big Brag, HSH's Got Talent, Varia, Eisteddfod and Evening School. She is in charge of the primary school RCL. She teaches Afrikaans, English, Geography and Science, manages the drama club and coaches netball.

She believes in learners' uniqueness and that everyone should have representation, therefore she's glad to represent the female teachers and girl learners on the Governing Body.

Hopefield Hoërskool lede van die beheerliggaam van HSH - R Cruywagen
Eeen van die lede van die HSH Beheerliggaam - T Adams

Thomas Arthur Adams

Thomas Arthur Adams is priest at All Saints Hopefield. He obtained a BA (Mus) HED degree in 1993 and is currently busy with the BTh (Bachelor of Theology) at TEEC.

In 2007 he joined the Northern Cape Education Department as a Senior Education Specialist for Arts and Culture. From time to time he assisted in the training of SGB's and was also part of the School Governing Body at Springbok Primary School and Namaqualand High School for several years.

He is the proud parent of two sons – eldest who matriculated at HSH in 2019 and youngest who is currently in Gr. 8

Secretary - Arina Hanekom

Arina spent her entire school career at Hopefield High School and as a boarder at Huis Eureka, matriculating in 1988. She has a Diploma in Public Relations Management.

Arina started her career in the National Defence Force as a member of Military Intelligence in Pretoria, evolving to the Communication/Public Relations Officer at the Military Academy in Saldanha. After this she worked in conference management and wedding co-ordination at a West Coast Lodge before doing national events and in-house promotions at an Events and Promotions Company.

Her son is in Grade 7. Arina loves reading and she is a keen cook and baker.

Hopefield Hoërskool lede van die beheerliggaam van HSH - A Hanekom
A Basson - Hopefield School marketing and fundraising

Anneke Basson

Anneke holds an N6 in Educare and an N5 in Public Relations. She has spent 16 years in hospitality and marketing and has 2 year's experience at HSH.

She handles all sponsorship, events and fundraising for HSH. She also lends general support to HSH where required.

Anneke is passionate about arts, theatre and creating beauty. She brings creative, fresh ideas to HSH.

Hennie Smit

Hennie Smit attained a PhD in Geography. He has been in the teaching field since 1988 and is currently an Associate Professor in Military Geography at Stellenbosch University in Saldanha.

In 2017 Hennie was elected as President of the International Association for Military Geosciences and in 2020 he received the gold medal award of the Society of South African Geographers for his contribution to Geography in South Africa.

Hennie is the proud father of Sumari (Grade 10). Education being both his profession and passion, he will contribute to keeping HSH the school of choice for children in the West Coast and beyond.

Hopefield Hoërskool lede van die beheerliggaam van hsh - H Smit
HSH members of Governing Body HSH - E Meintjies

Elaine Meintjies

Elaine is a parent and enthusiastic supporter of HSH. Originally from the Cape, she has lived in Langebaan for decades already together with her husband, Danie, and 2 children.

Her experience as a marketing consultant in the corporate world translates into a valuable contribution towards the launch of new projects, and to Club160.

Elaine is a creative, easy person with a love for people and children. She's passionate about making a difference to the life of each HSH learner.