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~ Governing Body ~

HSH - a governing body to help make Hopefield the best High School on the West Coast.  PHOTO BY GERHARD LOOTS.
Hopefield High School Governing Body - a more committed team would be hard to find

Governing Body of Hopefield High School

It is the responsibility of a School Governing Body to work with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education.

While the headmaster is responsible for day-to-day management, the Governing Body sets the school's strategy, goals and policies. This body also ensures a clear vision and ethos. They hold the headmaster accountable for the school's educational performance and the wellbeing of its pupils, as well as the ongoing performance management of teaching staff. Lastly they provide a financial oversight role to ensure funds are appropriately spent.

Given the importance of this role, it stands to reason that the Governing Body is a key success factor in the future of any school. Hopefield High School is fortunate to have an exceptionally accomplished, experienced and committed team as its Governing Body, made up of learner parents from the broader West Coast community served by the school.

Chairperson - Johan Coetzé

Johan holds a National Higher Diploma: Environmental Health (1993) and works as the Regional Industrial Hygienist (Middle East and Africa) at GSK Pharmaceuticals.

He is the Chairperson of the HSH School Governing Body and also the founder and Chairperson of Club 160+.

Both his children are at HSH as learners, which helps to explain his immense commitment to the success of the school.

Johan offers adventure activities to High School learners involved with the West Coast 'Voortrekkers'.

He brings a questioning mind to the Governing Body process.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Vice Chairman - Johan Coetze
Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Dr Wynand van Dyk

Vice-Chairperson - Wynand van Dyk

Wynand holds B.Eng. Chemical (Extractive Metallurgy) and Ph.D. Eng (Extractive Metallurgical Engineering) degrees, both from the University of Stellenbosch. He has also completed the Executive Development Program (GIBS) in 2007.

He works in two roles: Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Stellenbosch University. Also the Managing Director for Arete Consultants (Pty) Ltd, which is an engineering consultancy focusing on project management, risk management, continuous improvement and sustainable development.

He is a committed member of the HSH School Governing Body, also being the parent of an HSH learner.

Wynand is a keen bird watcher and enjoys geocaching with his family.

He is passionate about Leadership development based on Biblical principles, which helps inform his role on the Governing Body.

Jaco Slabber

Jaco holds a BSc Agric degree (US).

Jaco is the Vice Chairperson of the HSH Governing Body and being the parent of 4 HSH learners, Jaco is very committed to seeing the school perform at its best.

He farms at Leliefontein outside Hopefield.

Notably, Jaco spent his own entire school career at HSH and in Huis Walters hostel.

When time allows, Jaco enjoys the restoration of old buildings and is a zealous sport supporter.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Jaco Slabber
Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Suanne Burger

Suanne Burger

Suanne holds a Diploma in Public Relations and has completed dozens of courses on topics as diverse as Oenology and Payroll Outsourcing.

She is self-employed and offers Payroll Outsourcing services from her office in Langebaan, specialising in VIP Payroll as well as a variety of Bargaining Councils.

Apart from being a mom of a Hopefield High School student and ex-head-girl, and loving it, she loves sport and travelling with her family.

She considers her role on the Governing Body as representative of mothers and females. With her wide variety of career experience, including marketing, and a special interest in the Corporate world, she offers a unique contribution to the school.

Marilize van der Linde

Marilize het 'n Nasionale Diploma in Openbare Verhoudingsbestuur en werk voltyds as 'n Bestuurder vir SADA, sowel as deeltyds as geleentheidsbestuurder by Seatrading Wedding Venue.

Sy bestuur ook haar eie Openbare Verhoudinge Konsultasie-besigheid en dien as 'n eksterne moderator by CPUT fir finale-jaar studente in Openbare Verhoudingsbestuur.

Sy is die trotse ouer van twee HSH-leerlinge wat albei in die koshuis tuisgaan.

Marilise ondersteun die omgewing waarin haar kinders grootword met 'n passie. Sy geniet dit om saam met haar familie te kampeer en om te lees.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - M van der Linde
Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Ansunette Griessel

Secretary - Ansunette Griessel

Ansunette has completed a variety of courses applicable to her specific calling.

She runs her own business renting out vintage cars for special occasions.

Although her time is intensely limited, she enjoys hiking, camping and nature.

Ansunette is an HSH parent and is passionate about ensuring the school is run at its best.

Chairperson: Financial Committee - Dennis van der Merwe

Dennis holds a CA (SA) degree.

He is the Principal Officer of Genesis Medical Scheme.

He enjoys adventure, outdoor sports, travel and spending time with his family.

Dennis is utterly committed to his role on the HSH Governing Body, having a son and daughter at the school.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - Dennis vd Merwe
Hopefield High School Finance Officer &  Governing Body Member - Liza Pretorius

Liza Pretorius

After matric, Lisa equipped herself to handle general admin and debt collecting.

She has been the Financial Officer of Hopefield High School since 2012, and its two hostels, since 2015.

Liza loves to read and spend time with her dogs.

Her children are/have been at HSH their entire schooling. Notably, Liza herself matriculated at HSH and her passion and loyalty to HSH started when she first arrived in Hopefield in 1990.

Principal - Wehan Fourie

With a B Ed (Hons) degree spesialising in Education Management and 28 years' teaching experience (9 years as Principal), Wehan is a key member of the Hopefield High School Governing Body.

With his own children as HSH learners and ex-learners, he has a vested interest in ensuring that his value of positive motivation of learners is entrenched in all decisions, which balances his image of being strict but fair.

Wehan is actively involved in sport coaching (rugby & athletics) and teaches Gr 12 English.

Being a Hopefield local, Wehan enjoys diving, surfski and mountainbiking in the little free time he has. A bigger Landrover fanatic will be hard to find!

Parents and students alike receive a personal greeting from Wehan, who seems to know everyone and is able to create a friendly bond with those he comes across.

Hopefield High School Principal &  Governing Body Member - Wehan Fourie
Hopefield High School Vice Principal &  Governing Body Member - Jacques Rossouw

Deputy Principal - Jacques Rossouw

With B Sc (Computer Science & Maths); B Sc (Hons) in Computer Science; HED & B Ed (Hons) degrees and 19 years' teaching experience (5 years as Vice Principal), Jacques offers a unique skill set to the Governing Body.

As an HSH ex-learner, Jacques is a product of the school which he now continues to help adapt with his future-oriented views.

Apart from teaching Grades 8-12 Maths, Jacques also coaches Athletics and Rugby and he offers his IT skills to the school. He is an exceptional Master of Ceremonies.

Jacques is a Hopefield local. He is an avid bird breeder and a dedicated family man.

The learners appreciate Jacques' approachability and resonate well with his humour.

Elna van der Westhuizen

Elna has a B.A., a B.Ed and HED plus a fabulous 25 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 9-12 English and coaches athletics. She also coordinates HSH's cultural activities.

Elna enjoys reading and music. She offers learners the gift of not being judgmental and likes to help uncover children's hidden inner riches.