Hopefield High School School Song helps to express our value system.

HSH School Song

Knowing the words of the Hopefield High School school song can help new learners orientate themselves and fit in easier. It also attempts to express our values.

Eager beavers can learn the school song before joining the school  ; )

Hier in ons skool word ons geleer:
trou aan ons skool, trou aan ons taal
trou aan ons leuse dis ons eer,
want nimmer sal ons faal.

E'en when we leave, gaining fortune or fame
across our glorious motherland
shall we regard your worthy name,
the seal and the stamp on which we stand.

Mag ons skool voortbestaan,
en sy glorie behou;
in handel en wandel altyd trou.
Tot jou eer en naam voort sal ons
altyd bou -
Ons vir die Hoërskool van Hopefield.