High School Hopefield - dress code and Shop for school clothes HSH.  Some items available from Pep Stores, Woolworths &  De Jagers.

School Clothes & Dress Code

The HSH dress code ensures a school uniform in which learners can take pride - our school clothes shop at HSH offers clothing for different seasons.

School clothes can be purchased from the School Clothes Shop at Hopefield High School. Some items are available from De Jagers (blazers), Pep Stores & Woolworths (white shirts & socks, gray pants, PT shorts, etc.)

The School Shop also accepts second-hand clothes for our clothing bank.

Dress Code

Please see our HSH Dress Code in App A (PDF) for detail on HSH school clothes, correct sport wear and dress rule regarding jewelry, hair and school bags. We unashamedly subscribe to old-fashioned neatness!

Our top sports teams' clothes are often sponsored to garner great exposure for our amazing sponsors, so it may change annually. This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to get great exposure!

Clothes Shop Price List

Learners can fit and purchase clothes before school or during breaks. Parents can come any time during school times; though we suggest you call in advance to ensure the shop assistant is available on a given day.

Please download the complete latest School Clothing Price List (PDF) here.

Official HSH Uniforms for sale at School Clothes Shop
HSH uniforms available in school shop
We take pride in our HSH uniform