Safety - High School Hopefield safety includes the fire exits and emergency routes

Building Map & Emergency Exits

High School Hopefield has a detailed Site layout map, Safety Policy and emergency evacuation plan for the safety of our learners.

Being situated in a small town, security issues are relatively unkown to us, yet, we take no chances with the valuable safety of our students!

We recommend that especially new learners study this evacuation plan, which also helps new students to find the classrooms they need in a new, strange school.

HSH Safety Policy

The formal HSH Safety Policy makes provision for a safety committee and regular meeting. It regulates safety-related topics such as warning signs, the prevention of negligence, visitors who need to present to reception, indemnity and safety during school excursions, insurance and road-worthiness of our learner transport vehicles.

Special attention is given to the tree of command during any possible terror or disaster situation. The short versions to remember are:

Terror: Stay where you are; sit flat on the floor; remain quiet, calm and aware; react to signals (intercom/bell) from the office.

Disaster: react to signals (intercom/bell) from the office; listen carefully to instructions; in case of fire, evacuate according to the safest route, usually the fire escape plan.

Please download the Site Layout Plan with Evacuation Routes (PDF) here.