The joy our learners experience at the diverse cultural activities on offer at Hopefield High School, is palpable.

HSH Cultural Activities

Hopefield High School offers a variety of cultural clubs and activities to engage and develop the cultural and social aspects of our learners:

  • Music / Orchestra
  • Art
  • Eisteddfod
  • Varia Revue & Theatre
  • Chess
  • School Newspapers
  • Reading
  • Public Speaking
  • Olympiads
  • Social Events
  • Social Responsibility
  • Excursions

At Hopefield High School we offer a range of musical possibilities to encourage the love for music!

HSH Music

HSH offers music as a subject or additional subject, in collaboration with the West Coast Music Academy. Hopefield High School offers the facilities, and the music tutors offer classes at school in piano, wind instruments, string instruments and percussion. Learners are able to do accredited theoretical and practical exams under their expert tuition.

Quite a number of HSH learners also form part of the highly reputable West Coast Youth Orchestra (as well as trios and ensembles) each year - promoting our musical ability in the West Coast!

2023 highlights: several Gr R-12 category winners at the West Boland Eisteddfod; individual winners as well as ensemble & orchestra winners.

HSH values arts and culture as part of what develops holistic learners.


Visual Art is offered as a subject by High School Hopefield, in collaborations with the Lientjie Blok Art Centre.

Grade R-9 learners may enter in the Schools Art category of the annual West Boland Eisteddfod, under the dedicated direction of the foundation phase personnel and the Creative Arts teacher.

Gr 10-12 learners are entered into the Advanced Art & Design categories of the annual West Boland Eisteddfod by Lientjie Blok.

2023 highlights: several category winners at the West Boland Eisteddfod.

Hopefield High School enters student into a variety of Eisteddfod categories.

Eisteddfod Excellence

HSH's annual participation in the West Boland Eisteddfod is a highlight our learners enjoy tremendously, borne out by our substantial number of category winners.

Our learners are encouraged to participate in the creative writing, poetry, prose, monologues, unprepared reading and drama categories, in both English and Afrikaans. Learners with experience in dancing or singing are encouraged to enter in these Eisteddfod categories, while the West Coast Music Academy enters our music students according to their instrument choices and abilities.

2023 highlights: 360 awards including 112 Cum Laude, 166 Gold, 75 Silver & 7 Bronze, with 32 Category Winners. Eisteddfod participants increased from 224 in 2022 to 360 in 2023!

Hopefield High School drama club offers a fun place for learners to enhance and enjoy their creative expression in theatre

Varia Revue

Our school offers music, dance and theatre on a weekly basis under the Varia banner. Primary & High school learners work hard on the Production that takes the stage in August. A lot of fun is had by all, while talent is developed and exhibited!

Auditions for Primary and High School teams are held in the fourth term each year. Several of our students have participated at Provincial or National level in song, dance and theatre.

2023 highlights: Varia made us proud with an excellent production by ordinary HSH learners and teachers! HSH also performs cultural activities extraordinarily!

Some of our Hopefield High School learners achieve excellently amongst West Coast High Schools.

HSH Chess Club

HSH learners are introduced to Chess from the Foundation Phase. Chess has been found to improve debating skills and this early exposure also helps create a foundation should they join the school's Chess Club later on.

The avid Chess Club members meet weekly at school premises during school hours to learn and practise, using chess sets provided by the school. The enormous chess set in the school quad (donated by a generous parent) also helps to create awareness of the game while providing entertainment to students of all ages.

2023 highlights: Shaundré Lewaks, Jared & Jordan Fillis represented West Coast at the Western Cape Chess Championships.

Hopefield High School Newspaper Editorial Team

HSH School Papers

The 'Snuffels' is the quarterly newspaper prepared by high school learners. The Editorial Team can sniff out interesting news snippets (and gossip!) and then try their hand at journalism.

Our busy social media team also share news snippets to Instagram.

The 'Bokkie' also provides primary school learners the opportunity to be part of a school newspaper which contains social news, achievements and stimulating activities.

This team's creativity, good reporting and technical care ensure that readers eagerly await the new edition at the end of each term.

HSH encourages a love for reading in a variety of ways.


Readers are Leaders! HSH fosters a love for reading and reading is strongly encouraged. We have an excellent school library that offers computer and printing facilities, research resources and a myriad of fiction & non-fiction books.

A classroom library is offered in Ms Melissa Oosthuizen's classroom too, with over 400 books accessible to Gr 1-12 learners & a cosy reading corner offering a safe haven for readers during break times. New and trending books are frequently added and it is in daily use, especially when the school library is otherwise occupied.

2023 highlights: in Term 1 of 2023, a record-breaking 229 books were borrowed from Ms Melissa's library. 141 books were added to the library in 2023. The Gr 6 learners are the most avid users, borrowing an average of 70 books per term.

Apart from oratorship, there are a variety of ways in which HSH learners' language and presentation abilities are honed.

HSH Public Speaking

Gr 4-12 learners can develop their oratorical skills annually at competitions in one of three age groups: Primary Phase (Gr 4-7), Senior Phase (Gr 8-9), or the FET phase (Gr 10-12).

When the opportunity presents, HSH learners can also participate in external competitions as offered by our local Museum or the ATKV public speaking competition.

An annual public speaking workshop helps High School learners to polish their skills.

Primary School learners are also occasionally presented with the opportunity to compete against other schools.

Hopefield High School encourages learners to participate in the Conquesta Olympiads and National Olympiads; as well as general knowledge.

Olympiads & Competitions

Grades 1-7 participate in the Conquesta Olympiads and Grades 10-12 are encouraged to participate in the National Olympiads, especially Language, Mathematics and Accounting.

Learners can feel overwhelmed by all the information they have to deal with and their knowledge of current affairs is not always sufficient to aid them in the world of work. Our school puts more emphasis on broadening our learners' general knowledge, also by providing daily newspapers.

As part of the Interhouse competition between the Blue and Gold teams, Grade 4 to 12 learners take part in a formal General Knowledge Quiz during the third term.

Hopefield High School socials

Social Events

The Mr & Ms HSH Pageant, the Valentines' "Sokkie" and the Winter Ball are the highlights on the school's social calendar.

The Pageant offers a glamourous affair where the winners are chosen from 10 finalists by an external panel. Miss HSH then acts as Champagne Sweetheart during Interschools.

The Winter Ball is organised by the student council, further developing their organisational and social skills. They toil for months to make this evening special for those who will participate in Interschool Winter sport.

Like the High School, the Gr 6-7 learners also get to enjoy a quarterly "Sokkie" with an exciting theme!

Once a term the Primary School learners are treated to either a movie or games evening.

Social Responsibility is actively encouraged at HSH

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is encouraged in a variety of ways. The Primary and High School Learners combine efforts on a quarterly basis to collect non-perishable food products in an outreach for the Feeding Scheme of a West Coast Primary School (in conjunction with the "Omgeemense van SA").

The Primary School head girl and boy usually represent HSH at the handing over of the products.

2023 highlights: Daniella van Niekerk, Palesa Theletsane, Ando Goosen & Janco Britz were elected as junior council members of the Saldanha Bay Municipality, with Daniella as Junior Mayor and Palesa as Deputy Speaker. Chrizandi Basson attended "Die Burger" Youth Conference. HSH learners again supported the 'Stop Violence Against Women and Children' campaign.

HSH Excursions help broaden our learners' horizons

HSH Excursions

Excursions to visit shows at theatres like ArtsCape, Mynhardtville (where Shakespeare's work is showcased) and the Baxter Theatre enrich our learners. This exposure helps learners enjoy literature and the world of art. Any production of prescribed works, especially on Gr 12 level (Afrikaans or English works), are attended if possible. Gr 10 learners with Afrikaans Home Language are invited to do the Knysna forest tour to experience the world of "Fiela se Kind".

Foundation Phase learners attend the annual "Vlooi" show at Artscape – a long bus ride, lunch boxes and entertaining theatre! Gr R learners are occasionally treated to nearby daytrips (exposure to a farm, or the Fire Brigade).

Grade 4-7 learners are invited to a 2-3 day outdoor camp, organised by teachers, to better appreciate nature and our planet.