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~ HSH Cultural Activities ~

The joy our learners experience at the diverse cultural activities on offer at Hopefield High School, is palpable.
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At Hopefield High School we offer a range of musical possibilities to encourage the love for music!

For the Love of Music!

HSH offers music as a subject or additional subject, in collaboration with the West Coast Music Academy. Hopefield High School offers the facilities, and the music tutors offer classes at school in piano, wind instruments, string instruments and percussion. Learners are able to do accredited theory and practical exams under their expert tuition.

We are extremely proud that quite a number of learners also form part of the highly reputable West Coast Youth Orchestra each year - an excellent initiative that helps develop skills and musical ability throughout the West Coast!

In the Foundation Phase we also encourage the enjoyment of music, along with the skills and development associated therewith. Music teachers from WCMA use informal Percussion Orchestras with the Grade R to 3 learners, and they enthusiastically make music once a week.

At Hopefield High School we value the contribution of art to our wholeness of humanity!
At Hopefield High School we offer choirs to each educational phase to ensure maximum participation.  The West Coast Music Academy's success ensures that the West Coast Youth Orchestra includes HSH musicians to help further musical development on the West Coast

Life is Art

Visual Art is offered as a subject by High School Hopefield, in collaborations with the Lientjie Blok Art Centre in Vredenburg.

Grade R-9 learners are also encouraged to enter the annual 'Wes-Boland' Eisteddfod in the Art Category, under the dedicated direction of the foundation phase personnel and the Creative Arts teacher.

The annual Hopefield Fynbos Exhibition also occasionally provides opportunity for an Art Competition offered to Grade R-6 learners, with special emphasis on the love of nature.

HSH values arts and culture as part of what develops holistic learners.

Hopefield High School enters student into a variety of Eisteddfod categories.

Eisteddfod Excellence

HSH's annual participation in the 'Wes-Boland' Eisteddfod is a highlight for many learners. The school encourages participation above all and so helps create exposure for our learners.

Learners enter in the creative writing, poetry, prose, monologues, unprepared reading and drama categories, in both English and Afrikaans.

Learners with experience in dancing or singing are encouraged to enter in these sections of the Eisteddfod, while the West Coast Music Academy enters our music learners according to their instrument choices and abilities. Our choirs also take part in the Eisteddfod.

Time and time again our results prove that learners are not only interested and skilled in many of these items – they enjoy it tremendously! The substantial number of category winners we have every year, is testimony to this.

Readers are Leaders!

We focus on creating and rewarding a love for reading.

Reading is strongly encouraged and the library offers research works, general computer facilities and a place for learners with external subjects to complete their work.

HSH encourages a love for reading in a variety of ways.
Hopefield High School drama club offers a fun place for learners to enhance and enjoy their creative expression in theatre

Various: Music, Dance and Drama

Our school offers music, dance and drama under the Various banner. Primary school learners are exposed to the discipline and key skills during workshops, while high school learners are dedicated to a repertoire and the performance art. Both beginners and more experienced learners benefit greatly. A lot of fun is had by all!

Several of our students have participated at National level. They, in turn, share their experiences with the school afterwards.

2019 highlights: the HSH Revue 2019 offered a musical mosaic which was wildly successful! Almost 60 learners practiced for months to bring this production to the stage and it had the entire West Coast a-buzz! Hopefield has never seen this much spectacular talent. HSH also formed part of the filming of the movie 'Griekwastad' and according to the production team our school building was the biggest star. In 2019 the drama club brought a show to stage at the Hopefield Fynbos festival. From 2020 HSH shifted the focus from formal choir towards a bigger variety of informal song and dance: HSH Varia will allow 20 junior learners and 60 senior learners to participate and showcase their talents and enthusiasm. These groups will offer serenading, revue and individual items (plus a surprise or two).

Public Speaking

Our annual Debating Contest for Grades 4-7 learners provide a wonderful opportunity for them to learn to speak out and be heard.

The High School Debating Competition further hones our learners' speaking and debating skills.

Arm-in-arm with these initiatives are our Bilingual Competitions where Grade 8-12 leaners get to think on their feet and then express themselves respectively in Afrikaans and English.

The annual 'Taalbond' Exam further tests the bilingualism of strong candidates and formally evaluates their skills.

Gr 11 and 12 learners who take English as Additional Language, also have the opportunity to compete in the Young Communicators' Ambassador Challenge. From circuit level these young public speakers can progress to district level and provincial level.

Apart from debating, there are a variety of ways in which HSH learners' language and presentation abilities are honed.

Hopefield High School encourages learners to participate in the Conquesta Olympiads and National Olympiads; as well as general knowledge.

Olympiads, Competitions & General Knowledge

Primary School learners participate in the Conquesta Olympiads and High School learners are encouraged to participate in the National Olympiads, focused heavily on Language and Mathematics.

High school learners also have the opportunity to take part in the General Knowledge Olympiad – a competition on national level.

The constantly changing world we live in has so much to offer that learners often feel overwhelmed by all the information they have to deal with. However, we find that their knowledge of current affairs is not always sufficient to aid them in the world of work – for this reason our school is putting more and more emphasis on broadening our learners' general knowledge. HSH buys the newspaper daily to assist learners to keep abreast of news.

As part of the Interhouse competition between the Blue and Gold teams, Quiz events are held: Grade 4 to 7 learners are encouraged to attempt the General Knowledge Quiz, while all high school learners take part in a formal General Knowledge Quiz during the third term. Another highlight for Grade 5-7 learners is the Bible Quiz that helps foster good values.

2019 highlights: HSH learners excelled in our district's ATKV essay competition, with 8 learners placed in top 3 positions.

Chess Club

HSH learners are introduced to Chess from the Foundation Phase.

Chess has been found to improve debating skills and this early exposure also helps create background knowledge to assist learners when they join the school's Chess Club later on.

The Chess Club members meet at school premises during school hours to learn and practise, using chess sets provided by the school.

The enormous chess set in the school quad (donated by a generous parent) also helps to create awareness of the game while providing entertainment to students of all ages.

Some of our Hopefield High School learners achieve excellently amongst West Coast High Schools.
Hopefield High School Newspaper Editorial Team

School Paper

The 'Snuffels' is the quarterly newspaper prepared by involved high school learners.

The Editorial Team can sniff out interesting news snippets (and gossip!) and then try their hand at journalism.

This team's creativity, good reporting and technical care ensure that readers eagerly await the new edition at the end of each term.

Social Events & Excursions

The Mr & Ms HSH Pageant and the Winter Ball are two highlights on the school's social calendar. It offers a glamourous affair where the winners are chosen from 10 finalists by an independent panel. Ms. HSH then acts as Champagne Sweetheart during Interschools. The Winter Ball is organised by the student council, allowing them to further develop their organisational and social skills.

Once a term the Primary School learners are treated to either a movie or games evening.

Social responsibility is encouraged in a variety of ways. The Primary School Leadership Team arranges an annual outreach to underprivileged kids. They collect usable products to deliver where needed which helps to make the HSH ethos come to life.

Hopefield High School students arrange outings to local animal shelters like the Saldanha Animal Shelter to help clean runs, feed the animals and walk the dogs for some much-needed exercise and stimulation.

Excursions are also arranged to enrich our learners, e.g. to visit shows at theatres like ArtsCape, Mynhardtville (the works of William Shakespeare), and the Baxter or Fugard Theatres. This exposure helps students understand literature and the world of art better. Any production of prescribed works, especially on Grade 12 level (Afrikaans or English) works, are attended wherever possible.

Grade 10 learners who do Afrikaans as Home Language are also offered the opportunity to do the Knysna forest tour to experience the world of 'Fiela se Kind' firsthand.

Grade 4-7 learners are offered the opportunity to partake in a 2-3 day outdoor camp, organised in conjunction with teachers. This helps our primary school kids to appreciate nature and our planet more.

While HSH accommodates learners of all religions, we embrace the values and ethos of the Christian faith like enthusiasm, honesty, hard work, appreciation and respect for others - as we believe this will help mould constructive future citizens of our beautiful country!

2020 highlights: 4 learners were chosen as junior members of the Saldanha Bay Municipality. Our 2021 head boy, Isaiah Mataka, was chosen as Junior Mayor. HSH's Wader Bash Bird Watching team won their competition. Our 2020 head boy, Pieter Slabber, attended 'Die Burger's Youth Leadership Conference. HSH learners also sport a strong community spirit and in 2020 launced an event to support the 'Stop Violence Against Women and Children' campaign.