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High School Hopefield - apply early as we could not accommodate the 500+ applications received for 2020, for example.

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2022 Application & Admissions

Applications are closed for 2022 as we were completely oversubscribed. Applications for 2023 opens Feb 2022.

Here are the various aspects of application and admission to assist prospective parents:

Please apply as comprehensively as possible and within the stated time frames to ensure your application is considered.

IMPORTANT: Please call us to confirm that we have received your application package!

DID YOU KNOW? Track the progress of your application for admission online here!

Give your child a future at the best West Coast School - You can apply online at the WCED application web page.

WCED Online Applications

The Western Cape Education Department encourages the online submissions of application for admission at their website:

WCED Online Admissions Applications

Once you have created a log-in and submitted everything, you will be able to track the progress of your application online.

Admission Process & Policy

Our admissions policy is complex and aimed at avoiding discrimination. Still, the learner's best interest is central to all aspects of our admissions policy.

It stands to reason that since we are oversubscribed, a selection policy has to be applied. It places focus on variables (in order of importance) like the natural feeding area of the school, educational language, academic achievement and whether the learner will also attend the applicable hostel etc.

Please also note that certain restrictions are applicable to age versus grade and on the repetition of Grade 12.

Please see HSH admission policy here (Afrikaans).

Admission is subject to Parents' acceptance of the School Rules and policies such as the Drug Policy; and the learner's acceptance of the Code of Conduct.

Applications are occasionally allowed during a school year, should a suitable vacancy have transpired in a specific Grade or Class. Please give us a call to discuss your unique needs.

HSH Application Check-list

The following must accompany all applications:

  1. Application Form/s fully completed
  2. Learner's most recent report card
  3. Learner's birth certificate or ID
  4. Subject Choice Form completed, for learners applying for Grade 10-12
  5. Copy of ID of both parents / guardians, as applicable
  6. Proof of Income of paying parents / guardians, as applicable (latest 3 months salary slips or bank statements)
  7. Proof of Physical Address of both parents / guardians, as applicable (municipal account, rental agreement etc as for FAIS)
  8. Learner's immunisation card or proof of all immunisations
  9. Copy of Medical Aid card under which learner is covered
  10. Short testimonial form to be completed by learner's current principal or grade head
  11. Once application is accepted, the learner's transfer card from prior school is required, as well as a signed Code of Conduct and Rules or Policies presented.

Application Time Frame

Applications open for 2022
26 Feb '21
HSH Open Day
1 Mar'21
Applications close for 2022
26 Mar '21
Parents are informed of outcome
24 May '21
Parents confirm acceptance
TBA '21
School fills vacancies
3rd term '21

Please read this important circular from the WCED regarding the application process!

Download Application Forms

Make school application for admission to HSH - application form HSH - School Application Form
Make hostel application for admission to HSH hostel- application form HSH - Hostel Application Form
Make bus service application for HSH bus - application form HSH - Bus Application Form
The learner's previous principal or grade teacher needs to complete a testimonial regarding the applying learner. HSH - Testimonial Request Form
Indicate your subject choices for admission to HSH - subject choices form HSH - Subject Choices Form

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