Contact Hopefield High School - apply early as we cannot accommodate everyone; we're totally oversubscribed.

Contact Hopefield High School - or Apply Online Now!

Hopefield High School is oversubscribed which is why we encourage you to contact us soonest if you want to apply, or to see below for online applications. Please find our contact details below, as well as everything you need for application.

For those researching Hopefield High School with a view to applying, please also see our Prospectus (PDF).

HSH Contact Information

Tel: 022 723 0040

Fax: 022 723 0369

Address: 5 Stasie Street, Hopefield / PO Box 23, Hopefield, 7355, Western Cape

Email: hsh @ sandveld .net

Facebook General Group: Hopefield Hoërskool Algemeen

Facebook Closed Group: Hopefield Hoërskool (Offisieel)

Instagram: hs_hopefield

Youtube: @hoerskoolhopefield978

Web Development: Website Silk

Application Time Frame: Gr 1 & 8

Application time frame for the following year follows:

  • Applications open for 2025: 11 Mar '24
  • HSH Open Day: 19 Feb '24
  • Applications close for 2025: 12 Apr '24
  • Parents are informed of outcome: 30 May '24
  • Parents confirm acceptance: by 14 Jun '24

Application Time Frame: Gr R, Gr 2-7 & Gr 9-12 Transfers

Application time frame for the following year follows:

  • Applications open for 2025: 1 Aug '24
  • Applications close for 2025: 16 Aug '24
  • Parents can view outcome: 17 Sep '24
  • Parents confirm acceptance: by 30 Sept '24
Apply online at the WCED application web page.

HSH Application Guide

Please apply as soon as possible and as comprehensively as possible - and within the stated time frames - to ensure your application will be considered. Since we are oversubscribed, our admissions policy is in the learner's best interest and aimed at avoiding discrimination, focusing on aspects such as natural feeding area of the school, educational language, achievements, bus routes and hostel application. Late applications may be considered only if a vacancy arises in a particular grade.

Applications are closed for 2024 and we were completely oversubscribed. Applications for 2025 opens Mar 2024.

Preparing to Apply

Resources to get together before starting with application:

WCED Online Application

The Western Cape Education Department insists on the online submission of application for admission.

Please use these links:

Apply via WCED link. Once you have created a log-in and submitted everything, you can track progress online.

"A school with dedicated teachers that believe in the qualities and abilities of each child. Excellent discipline, providing a safe environment for each learner to excel to their best potential. Immensely proud to be associated with HSH!" - Johan Coetzé (via Google)