Teachers: HSH teaching staff Hopefield is the best School on the West Coast.

Teachers of Hopefield High School

HSH has a total staff compliment of 77 employees, of which about 40 are HSH teachers & class assistants.

This vibrant, highly qualified group of teachers holds around 650 years' teaching experience & 63 graduate or post-graduate qualifications between them - and this number is growing as many are continuing their studies.

Our staff illustrates the famous HSH sense of FAMILY very strongly: the vast majority of personnel have either matriculated at HSH themselves, have a spouse or child/ren at HSH, or had parents who taught at HSH. Some have taught at HSH their entire lives. A remarkable team!

Leadership Team

Our relatively young Leadership Team alone has more than 200 years of teaching between the 8 of them!

Hopefield High School Principal &  Governing Body Member - Wehan Fourie

Principal - Wehan Fourie

With a B.Ed (Hons) degree specialising in Education Management and 33 years' teaching experience (15 years as Principal), Wehan provides strong leadership and strategic and operational direction to HSH.

Wehan is actively involved in sport coaching (rugby & athletics) and teaches Grade 12 English.

He's a Hopefield local and he loves diving, mountainbiking, surfskiing & Landrovers! His own children were HSH learners and he has an image of being strict but fair.

Wehan seems to know everyone, greets them by name and creates a friendly bond with those he comes across.

Hopefield High School Vice Principal &  Governing Body Member - Jacques Rossouw

Deputy Principal - Jacques Rossouw

With B.Sc (Computer Science & Maths); B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science; HED & B.Ed (Hons) degrees and 24 years' teaching experience (9 years as Vice Principal), Jacques offers a unique skill set to the HSH staff body.

As an HSH ex-learner, and Hopefield resident, Jacques helps HSH to adapt with his future-oriented views.

Jacques teaches Grades 10-12 Maths, coaches Athletics and Rugby, and offers his IT skills to the school. He is an exceptional Master of Ceremonies.

The learners appreciate Jacques' approachability and resonate well with his humour.

M Fourie is a key member of the HSH management team and balances discipline with caring.

Marinda Fourie - Department Head & Grade Head

With her HED and 35 years' teaching experience, Marinda offers key HSH leadership.

Marinda teaches Grade 10-12 Afrikaans (HL) & Grade 12 Life Orientation. She also coaches athletics.

She enjoys running and cycling. Apart from being an energetic planner to the school, she offers Heart to learners.

E vd Westhuizen - teacher at HSH

Elna van der Westhuizen - Department Head

Elna has a B.A., a B.Ed and HED plus a fabulous 30 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 10-12 English and coaches athletics. She also coordinates HSH's cultural activities.

Elna enjoys reading and music. She offers learners the gift of not being judgmental and likes to help uncover children's hidden inner riches.

Hopefield High School Governing Body Member - J Schreuder

Jurgens Schreuder - Principal Primary

Jurgens has a HED and 29 years' teaching experience, mostly in Pretoria before coming to the West Coast in 2015.

He teaches Grade 6 Science & Technology, Grade 7 & 9 Science, Grade 8 Technology & Grade 8 Economic Management Science.

He loves sport, landscaping, rustic woodwork, fishing and the outdoors. He contributes to HSH and the broader community and has a big soft spot for children.

M Lesch HSH Hopefield Primary School - Head of Department for the Foundation Phase at HSH

Madelein Lesch - Foundation Phase Head

Madelein attended Woman's Military College and then completed a HED (Junior Primary) plus many extra courses. She's been a teacher for 28 years.

She teaches Grade 2's and coaches netball, swimming and general sport. She's key in Eisteddfods and Prize-givings.

Madelein loves cycling, reading and travelling. She actively encourages independent thinking and taking responsibility.

Governing Body Hopefield High School - N van Tonder

Nelius van Tonder - Grade Head

Nelius holds a B.Ed (Hons) degree and has 16 years' teaching experience.

He is the Department Head of the primary school, responsible for academic, sport- and cultural matters at the primary school. He teaches Grade 5 & 6 Maths and Grade 6 & 7 Science. He also assists with cricket and rugby coaching.

He employs technology as part of his teaching methodology and serves as the LOOM-committee (purchasing and distribution of teaching materials in the school) representative on the Governing Body.

Hopefield High School Governing Body member - J Rossouw

Jean Rossouw - Department Head

Jean has 14 years teaching experience at HSH and is an ex-learner of HSH (Gr R-12). He's absolutely loyal towards HSH and only gives his best for his school.

He's the subject head for Maths and Science and also teaches Grade 10-12 Maths & Grade 9 Science. He helps maintain discipline and neatness at the school. He coaches athletics & u/19A rugby team and is responsible for HSH's IT systems.

His interests are rugby and the progress of HSH. He believes in the holistic development of learners and sport participants to prepare them for life after their school career.

Hopefield High School Teachers

H Tallie - grade head at HSH &  teacher

Hermien Tallie - Grade Head

Hermien has a B.Com degree, a HED and 34 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 11-12 Business Studies, CAT for Gr 10-12, Gr 12 Maths Literacy & provides support to Study Classes.

She loves her dogs and travelling. She believes in meeting a child where they're at and being approachable & empathetic.

A vd Westhuizen is a teacher at HSH

Arnold vd Westhuizen - Grade Head

An Eco-Theologian, he has a B.A., B.Th, M.Th & busy with a PhD in Natural History. After 25 years as a Minister, he's been teaching at HSH for 6 years now.

He teaches Gr 8-12 Afrikaans (FAL). He runs the sound services during events.

Arnold loves birdwatching & photography. He wants to return kids to nature and foster a listening culture.

A Snyman - teacher at HSH

Antonette Snyman - Grade Head

She has a B.Sc, a HED and Honours in School Management & 16 years' teaching experience.

Antonette teaches Physical Science & Biology to seniors & coaches tennis. She supports learners with the Eskom Expo.

She enjoys nature, art, her dogs & plays tennis competitively.

E de Vries - teacher at HSH

Enrico de Vries - Grade Head

He has a B.A, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education & 7 years' teaching experience.

He teaches Gr 10-12 Life Skills, Gr 7-10 Life Orientation, Social Sciences for Gr 9, & Gr 11 & 12 Geography. He coaches tennis, hockey & does hostel duty.

He loves tennis (runs the Tennis Academy) & gardening, & embraces individual expression.

M Smit - teacher at HSH

Michelle Smit

Michelle has a Diploma in Training Management, a Higher Diploma in Labour Law, a B.Ed degree & 20 years teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 7 English (FAL). She coaches Badminton and assists with Golf, Eisteddfods & Study Class.

Ex-corporate, she now enjoys hiking, tennis, reading & helping learners apply lessons.

A Pieters - teacher at HSH

Anien Pieters

Anien has an HED and 20 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 9 Afrikaans (HL) & Gr 10-12 Tourism. She assists with Eisteddfods, Varia & Netball coaching.

Anien enjoyes music and the arts. She wants to inspire children.

F Schippers - teacher at HSH

Francois Schippers

With a B. Com, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and B.Ed (Hons) degree and 7 year's experience, Francois is ready for the next challenge.

Francois teaches Gr 10, 11 en 12 CAT. He coaches swimming and rugby.

He enjoys swimming, hunting, beekeeping & all things organic. He aims to remain relatable.

J Britz - on teaching staff at HSH

Jacomien Britz

She has a HED & 16 year's teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 7 Economic Management Sciences, Gr 10-12 Life Orientation &s Business Studies. She also coaches biathlon.

Jacomien loves running, nature & sport. She gets to know learners personally to spotlight their potential.

Visser Bezuidenhout- teacher at HSH

Visser Bezuidenhout

Visser has an HED in Wood & Metalwork, and 23 years' teaching experience.

He teaches Gr 10-12 EGD, Gr 9 Technology & Gr 12 Life Orientation.

Visser felt led to HSH in 2020.

R Lintvelt - teacher at HSH

Rosa Cruywagen

Rosa has a B.Ed degree & 10 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 8 English, Gr 9 Social Studies & Gr 8-9 Afrikaans. She coaches netball, Eisteddfod, drama & coordinates Ms & Mr HSH, Inter-Schools Big Brag & "Geeskom". She also does the writing and coaching for Varia.

She loves netball & reading, and believe in learners' uniqueness.

J van Zyl - teacher at HSH

Johan van Zyl

He has a B.Ed (Hons) & 9 years' teaching experience.

Johan teaches Gr 9 Maths & Gr 10-12 Maths Literacy. He coaches hurdles, hockey, Eisteddfods & helps with varia.

He loves reading and classical music. He teaches tolerance & fiercely resists bullying or stereotyping.

L Reynolds - high school teacher at Hopefield High School

Liezel Reynolds

Liezel has an NTC, BTech degree, a BAcc (Hons) & is a registered CA (SA). Ex-corporate, she's taught for 6 years.

She teaches Gr 10-12 Accounting, Gr 11-12 Maths Literacy & Gr 9 Economic & Business Science.

A former WP netball player, she coaches u/16 teams. She offers childrens' adventure camps.

M van Rooyen - Language teacher at HSH

Marinda van Rooyen

She has an HED (languages) & 27 year's as a teacher (incl. 4 years in private practice special needs education).

She teaches Gr 8 & 9 English (HL), and Gr 11 & 12 English (FAL). She's the leader of the "Chill" Group & supports Eisteddfod & public speaking.

She enjoys baking, walking, reading, drama & her sense of humour.

E Calitz - teacher at HSH

Edelweiss Calitz

Edelweiss has qualifications in Public Relations, NQF5 Edutel & WADA (World Antidoping Association) & 18 years' as a teacher.

She teaches Gr 7 Social Science & Gr 7-11 Life Orientation. A provincial & SA Level 2 Coach, she coaches netball and is also the HSH netball coordinator.

Edelweiss lives life to the fullest to make a difference.

Language teacher at HSH

Melissa Oosthuizen

She has a B.A. (Dramatic Arts), a Cum Laude HED & 12 years as teacher.

She teaches Gr 6 & 8 English, & Gr 10 English (FAL). She loves reading, baking, theatre & enriching school culture.

She develops learners with drive, values & commitment.

Qualified teachers at HSH

Unita Slabber

Unita has a B. Ed. degree & 17 year's teaching experience.

She currently teaches Gr 9 Life Orientation, Gr 7 & 9 Creative Arts & Gr 7 Technology. She coaches athletics & netball.

A Hopefielder, she loves sport, travel & creative home activities.

S Potgieter - Hopefield School teacher

Sania Potgieter

She has ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) & LTCL (Licentiate of Rockschool Music) & 19 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 6-8 Afrikaans, Gr 7 English & Gr 10 Life Orientation. She supports Varia & coaches u/14B and u/15B netball.

An ex-learner of HSH (Gr R-12), she works alongside some legendary HSH teachers.

B Theron is a teacher at Primary School Hopefield

Ben Theron

Ben has 53 years' teaching experience (at HSH since 1980), an HED in Music & an HED (Maths & Education). As an accomplished musician, he's won WKOD Merit Award & Merit Award for work with military bands.

He teaches Gr 8-9 Maths.

Ben enjoys dogs, building models & inspiring a love for maths.

N Swanepoel - Primary School Hopefield teacher

Nicolene Swanepoel

She has a B.Ed (home economics) & 11 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 10-12 Consumer Studies, Gr 8 Natural Science. & assists with Sport Cafe & Study Class.

She enjoys baking, walking, cycling, sewing & teaching like a parent.

M Nelson - Hopefield Teacher

Maxwell Nelson

Ex-HSH, he has 7 years' experience.

He teaches Gr 11 LO, Gr 8 Social Sciences, Gr 8-9 Technology & coaches rugby, soccer & athletics.

He enjoys supporting the children at hostel.

A de Villiers - Hopefield teaching staff

Andrea de Villiers

She has a B.Ed & 6 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Gr 9-12 Afrikaans Home Language & coaches Hockey.

Her passion for academics, documentaries & sport is transferred to learners - together with good work ethic.

M Smit - Hopefield Gr 6 class assistant

Morgan Smit

Ex-HSH, he has 4 years' experience.

He teaches Gr 8 & 9 Economic Management Science, Gr 10 Business Studies & Maths Literacy. He coaches rugby, hockey & cricket interactively.

Hopefield Primary School Teachers

B Adams - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Bernie Adams

She has a B.A., HED & 23 years' teaching experience.

Bernie is a Gr 5 class teacher and teaches Gr 6 Social Sciences & Art. She assists with Eisteddfods, Debating & General Knowledge initiatives.

She enjoys gardening, reading & encourages resilience & self-acceptance in children.

H Burger is a HSH Hopefield Primary School -teacher

Helouise Burger

Helouise has a B.Ed (Prim), a HED (remedial), a Diploma in Special Needs Education & 23 years' experience.

She is the Gr 4 class teacher, coaches netball & athletics, and supports Eisteddfod, Debating & Primary School Prefects.

Helouise loves the outdoors, photography, & developing the potential of the underdogs.

E vd Merwe is a teacher at the Primary School Hopefield

Edith van der Merwe

Edith has a B.A. (Hons) in psychology & child development, a HED (foundation phase) & 20 years' teaching experience.

She's the Gr R class teacher and coaches swimming & netball.

Edith enjoys marathons, open-water swimming, gardening & holistically developing all facets of her Grade R's.

M Huisamen - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Manta Huisamen

She has a B.Ed Degree (Intermediary & Senior) & 18 years' as teacher.

She teaches Gr 7 Afrikaans Home Language, Gr 11 LO & Gr 5, 6 & 8 Maths; & coaches hockey & athletics.

Manta enjoys baking, family time, playing hockey, Crossfit & Park Runs. Her lively energy inspires learners.

E Kotze - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Elfreda Kotze

She has a B.Ed (foundation phase) & 15 years' teaching experience.

She's the Gr 3 class teacher and also helps out at the Sport Cafe.

She lives on one of the oldest Hopefield farms and loves reading & active listening.

A Rossouw - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Anine Rossouw

She has a B.Ed (foundation phase) & 13 years' teaching experience.

She's the Gr 1 class teacher & coaches the girls' u/16A hockey team.

Anine loves nature, hiking & treating all kids equally.

Teaching Assistants / Interns

I Loubser is a teacher assistance at Primary School Hopefield

Ingé Loubser-Bailey

She has ECD Level 4, Sign Language, a Grade R Diploma & 9 years' experience.

She's the Gr R Class Assistant & her unique gift is her endless patience.

T v Boom - Hopefield Primary School teaching assistant

Tana van Boom

She's busy with her B.Ed degree & has 6 years' experience.

She's the class assistant for Gr 1 & loves being around small children.

H Pfuhl is Hopefield Primary School assistant

Hannah Pfuhl

She's an ex-HSH student with 2 years' experience & studying towards a BA degree.

She's the Gr 3 class assistant & infused with HSH pride.

B Lazarus

Beulen Lazarus

Ex-HSH, she has 5 years' experience & studying Business Management.

She teaches Gr 4-9 LO, Grade 4 Arts & Culture, coaches netball & tennis, & loves working with children.

C Papier - Hopefield Class Assistant

Cornwill Papier

Ex-HSH, he has 1 years' experience.

He is a class assistant for two High School teachers and coaches rugby. He's also the DJ at school dances.

H Auret - Hopefield Class Assistant

Henco Auret

Ex-HSH, he has 1 years' experience.

He is a class assistant for a High School teacher, coaches rugby & cricket and enjoys playing both himself.

J Geldenhuys - Hopefield Class Assistant

Joan Geldenhuys

She has an N3, studied Child Health & has 1 years' experience.

She is the Gr 2 class assistant who loves enriching children. She's the proud mother of an HSH learner too.

E Kotze - Hopefield Class Assistant

Etienne kotze

Ex-HSH, he has 2 years' experience working at HSH.

He is a class assistant for a High School teacher & coaches rugby (also plays himself).