Hopefield High School - West Coast School of Choice

~ Highly Qualified, Commited Teachers of HSH ~

Personnel HSH - teaching staff to help make Hopefield the best School on the West Coast.

HSH family values are reflected and lived by the staff - setting a fantastic example and tone to the rest of the school.

Our Staff: The Backbone of HSH

HSH has a total staff compliment of 54 employees, of which 39 are teachers and the balance are our valued support staff.

This vibrant, highly qualified group of 39 teachers holds no less than 58 graduate or post-graduate qualifications between them - and this number is growing as many are continuing their studies.

Our relatively young Leadership Team alone has 144 years of teaching between the 6 of them!

Our staff illustrates the famous HSH sense of FAMILY very strongly: the vast majority of personnel have either matriculated at HSH themselves, have a spouse or child/ren at HSH, or had parents who taught at HSH. Some have taught at HSH their entire lives. A remarkable team!

Wehan Fourie - Principal of HSH

With a B.Ed (Hons) degree specialising in Education Management and 28 years' teaching experience (9 years as Principal), Wehan provides strong leadership and strategic and operational direction to Hopefield High School.

With his own children as HSH learners and ex-learners, he has a vested interest in ensuring that his value of positive motivation of learners is entrenched in all decisions, which balances his image of being strict but fair.

Wehan is actively involved in sport coaching (rugby & athletics) and teaches Grade 12 English.

He's a Hopefield local and likes to dive, mountainbike and surfski in the little free time he has. A bigger Landrover fanatic will be hard to find!

Parents and students alike receive a personal greeting from Wehan, who seems to know everyone and is able to create a friendly bond with those he comes across.

Hopefield High School Principal &  Governing Body Member - Wehan Fourie
Hopefield High School Vice Principal &  Governing Body Member - Jacques Rossouw

Jacques Rossouw - Deputy Principal of HSH

With B.Sc (Computer Science & Maths); B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science; HED & B.Ed (Hons) degrees and 19 years' teaching experience (5 years as Vice Principal), Jacques offers a unique skill set to the HSH staff body.

As an HSH ex-learner, Jacques is a product of the school which he now continues to help adapt with his future-oriented views.

Apart from teaching Grades 8-12 Maths, Jacques also coaches Athletics and Rugby and he offers his IT skills to the school. He is an exceptional Master of Ceremonies.

Jacques is a Hopefield local. He is an avid bird breeder and a dedicated family man.

The learners appreciate Jacques' approachability and resonate well with his humour.

Primary School Teachers & Support Staff

Nelius van Tonder - Department Head

Nelius obtained a B.Ed (Hons) and has a solid 11 years' teaching experience.

He teaches Grades 5-6 Maths & Grades 6-7 Science. He assists with cricket & rugby coaching.

Nelius collects model trains as a hobby. He likes to employ technology in his class teaching.

N van Tonder is the HSH Hopefield Primary School - Head of Department for Primary School Hopefield
B Adams - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Bernie Adams

With a B.A. and HED, plus 18 years' teaching experience, Bernie has a lot to offer.

Bernie is a grade 5 class teacher and teaches Grade 6 Afrikaans. She's also instrumental in Eisteddfods, Debating & General Knowledge initiatives.

She enjoys gardening and reading and has a passion for encouraging resilience and self-acceptance in children.

Helouise Burger

Helouise has a B.Ed (Prim), a HED (remedial) and a Diploma in Special Needs Education, plus 18 years' experience.

She is the Grade 4 class teacher and also coaches netball, athletics and supports HSH's Eisteddfod and debating efforts.

Helouise loves the outdoors, photography and reading. She patiently develops the potential of the underdogs.

H Burger is a HSH Hopefield Primary School -teacher
E Kotze - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Elfreda Kotze

With a B.Ed (foundation phase) and 10 years of teaching behind her, Elfreda is well-positioned to add value to HSH.

Elfreda is the Grade 3 class teacher and also helps out at the Sport Cafe.

She lives on one of the oldest Hopefield farms and loves reading. She's a good listener and enjoys making a difference.

Madelein Lesch - Foundation Phase Head

Madelein attended Woman's Military College and then completed a HED (Junior Primary) plus many extra courses. She's been a teacher for 23 years.

She teaches Grade 2's and coaches netball, swimming and general sport. She's key in Eisteddfods and Prize-givings.

Madelein loves jogging, reading and travelling. She actively encourages independent thinking and taking responsibility.

M Lesch HSH Hopefield Primary School - Head of Department for the Foundation Phase at HSH
A Rossouw - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Anine Rossouw

With a B.Ed (foundation phase) and 8 years of teaching behind her, Anine is a real asset to HSH.

She is the Grade 1 class teacher and also coaches the girls' first hockey team.

Anine loves nature and hiking. She has a passion for treating all kids equally, while also encouraging uniqueness.

Edith van der Merwe

Edith obtained a B.A. (Hons) in psychology and child development, plus a HED (foundation phase). She has 15 years' experience.

She's the Grade R class teacher and also coaches swimming & netball.

Edith enjoys marathons, reading and gardening. She holistically develops the different facets of her Grade R's.

E vd Merwe is a teacher at the Primary School Hopefield
B Jordaan - Hopefield Primary School teacher

Betsie Jordaan

With a B.A. and HED, Betsie is applying her 28 years of teaching to good effect at HSH.

She teaches Grade 7 Afrikaans, Grade 9-10 Afrikaans (HL). She assists with Chess, Debating & Eisteddfods.

Betsie is sociable and an avid reader. Her students relate well to her and she helps unleash their best potential.

Ben Theron

Ben has a HED and 41 years' teaching experience.

He teaches Grade 8-9 Maths. He is an accomplished musician and the organist at the local church.

Ben enjoys building models and has a love for pets, especially dogs. He's passionate about instilling a love for maths in students.

B Theron is a teacher at Primary School Hopefield
N Swanepoel - Primary School Hopefield teacher

Nicolene Swanepoel

With a B.Ed (home economics) and 6 years of teaching behind her, Nicolene is a unique asset at HSH.

Nicolene teaches Grade 10-12 Consumer Studies & Grade 8 Natural Science. She assists with Sport Cafe & Study Class.

She unwinds with baking, walking, cycling and sewing. She teaches like a parent, with great effect.

Primary School - Teaching Assistants / Interns

Ingé Loubser

Ingé studied Early Childhood Development (ECD Level 4) and she also did a course in Sign Language. She's studying towards her B.Ed degree and has 5 years' experience.

She is the Grade R Class Assistant and lends support wherever the school requires her for extra-mural activities.

Ingé enjoys music and excursions and her unique gift to her young learners is her endless patience.

I Loubser is a teacher assistance at Primary School Hopefield
M Frick - Hopefield Primary School teaching assistant

Marika Frick

Marika has been teaching for 2 years and is busy doing her B.Ed degree through UNISA.

She is the class assistant for Grade 1 and also assists with Choir and Eisteddfod. She coaches mini-cricket and u/16 hockey.

Marika not only loves music, she also plays the violin, guitar and the piano, and she sings.

Nadia Swanepoel

Nadia gained 1 year's experience while she's continuing to study for her B.Ed through UNISA.

She's the class assistant for Grades 2 & 3 and she also assists at extra-mural sport.

Nadia is interested in farming and passionate about supporting children in a loving way.

N Swanepoel is a teacher's assistant at Primary School Hopefield
M Nelson - Hopefield Primary School teaching assistant

Maxwell Nelson

Maxwell is the Grade 5 class assistant. He is studying towards his B. Ed. degree via Unisa

He is an ex-HSH learner and also coaches rugby, soccer and athletics.

He enjoys the time he spends with children at school and at the hostel, as well as gaming.

Gerrit Grobler

Gerrit studied at Stellenbosch as an IT Engineer and is currently studying Sport Management via ETA.

He's been involved in HSH sport coaching for a few years already and is coaching rugby and cricket at present. He'll be the Grade 6 class assistant from 2019.

Gerrit loves sport and plays cricket for the Hopefield Wanderers. He is passionate about supporting young people.

G Grobler is a teacher's assistant at Primary School Hopefield

Support Staff

A Basson - Hopefield School marketing and fundraising

Anneke Basson - Marketer

Anneke holds an N6 in Educare and an N5 in Public Relations. She has spent 16 years in hospitality and marketing and has 1 year's experience at HSH.

She handles all sponsorship, events and fundraising for HSH. She also lends general support to HSH where required.

Anneke is passionate about arts, theatre and creating beauty. She brings creative, fresh ideas to HSH.

Suria Basson - Librarian

Suria completed her secretarial studies at Stellenbosch College.

She's best known as the tuck shop lady, though she's run the school library since 2018 too. She assists with Eisteddfod admin and she also collates all information to be changed on our comprehensive website.

Suria is remarkably creative and tackles needlework, painting & mosaics, and even gardening, in her free time.

S Basson at Hopefield High School
L Pretorius - Hopefield Primary School financial matters

Liza Pretorius - Finance Officer

After matriculating at HSH, Lisa equipped herself to handle general admin and debt collecting.

She has been the Financial Officer of Hopefield High School since 2012, and its two hostels, since 2015.

Liza loves to read and spend time with her dogs.

Suanne Burger - Debtors

Suanne holds a Diploma in Public Relations and has completed dozens of courses on topics as diverse as Oenology and Payroll Outsourcing.

She is on the school Governing Body as well as a Debtors Clerk at HSH.

Apart from being a mom of a Hopefield High School student and an ex-HSH headgirl, and loving it, she loves sport and travelling with her family.

With her wide variety of career experience, including marketing, payroll, bargaining councils and a special interest in the Corporate world, she offers a unique contribution to the school.

S Burger is the Debtors Clerk at Hopefield High School
C Maree - Hopefield High School admin support

Cathrin Maree - Admin & School Clothes

With a path that started via Sanlam and studying secretarial via Stellenbosch College, Cathrin has applied herself well at HSH for 11 years already.

She handles general administrative work, plus the running of the School Clothes Shop and the small Museum at the school.

Cathrin is a a friendly, helpful person and she oils the wheels of the school in her quiet way.

Johann van Rhyn - Sport Coordinator

Johann has an HED and a whopping 37 years' teaching experience!

He has been HSH's Sport Coordinator since April 2018 and he also coaches u/15 Rugby and Cricket and leads Life Orientation Practical for Grade 9 boys.

Johann enjoys watching sport on TV, MTB fun rides and his grandsons.

Sports Coordinator at Hopefield High School
Malie Neethling - in charge of Feedem program at hostels

Malie Neethling

Malie Neethling started as the Feedem catering manager at HSH in 2019. Feedem manages the catering and cleaning of the boys and girls hostels.

She is an old scholar of Hopefield High and studied Consumer Sciences, focusing on Food Science and Nutrition.

Malie loves being creative with food and is passionate of the planning and preparation of good, healthy and appetizing-looking food, which she hopes will help scholars to come together and build relationships in a fun way.

Annemarie Lourens - Reception & Admin

Annemarie has spent many years in sectors as diverse as the Department of Labour & SAPS. She's been at HSH for 2 years.

She is the friendly face that greets visitors to the school and handles administration and general support for the Principal.

Annemarie is a dab hand at baking and catering in her free time. You'll usually find her in a happy, helpful frame of mind.

A Lourens is the receptionist at Hopefield High School
F Pretorius - HSH Groundsman

Freddie Pretorius

Managing all the maintenance and ground crew at HSH is a serious task, and Freddie has done it for 3 years now.

His duties include the maintenance and building work being done at the school, the pool and the sport grounds.

Freddie is fond of angling and hunting. As the eyes and ears on the grounds, he often lends a hand to learners in need.

HSH handyman and gardener

Ground Staff

Andronico Cleophas is very hard working!

Cleaning Staff

Alida Julies, Lana Theron and Cheryl Thomas - keeping HSH spotless with a smile!

The cleaning staff of Hopefield High School

High School Teachers & Specialist Staff

Hannes de Beer - Department Head

Hannes qualified with a B.Econ degree as well as a HED. He has 34 years of teaching under his belt.

He teaches Grade 10-12 CAT and Business Studies and he coaches cricket, hockey and soccer at the school. He also acts as the school photographer.

Hannes enjoys woodwork, hiking and DIY in his spare time. He brings a value-based spiritual discipline to the school.

H de Beer is a cornerstone member of the HSH staff body.
M Fourie is a key member of the HSH management team and balances discipline with caring.

Marinda Fourie - Dept & Grade Head

With her HED and 29 years' teaching experience, Marinda offers key HSH leadership.

Marinda teaches Grade 10-12 Afrikaans (HL) & Grade 12 Life Orientation. She also coaches athletics.

She enjoys running and cycling. Apart from being an energetic planner to the school, she offers Heart to learners.

Arnold van der Westhuizen

Our resident Eco-Theologian! Arnold has a B.A., B.Th, M.Th and is busy with his PhD in Natural History. After 25 years as a Minister, teaching Sunday School & Cathechism Class, Arnold joined HSH in 2018.

He teaches Grade 9-12 Afrikaans (FAL) and Grade 10 Afrikaans (HL). He coaches hockey and will lend support to cultural activities.

Arnold loves birdwatching and photography. Arnold hopes to help bring kids back to nature and to foster a culture of listening.

A vd Westhuizen is a teacher at HSH
N Snyman - high school teacher at Hopefield High School

Nicoline Snyman

Nicoline has a HED and 32 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grades 10-12 CAT and runs the Snuffels School Newspaper with the editorial team made up of learners. She also assists with the matric farewell and ladies' events.

Nicoline loves to walk. She's a Blue Bulls fan and balances this with making wedding dresses and exquisite flower arrangements. She tries to always be available to her students.

Antonette Snyman - Grade Head

With her B.Sc, a HED and Honours in School Management, Antonette's 11 years' experience adds to her unique skill set.

Antonette teaches Physical Science and Biology to senior learners and also coaches tennis. She's the prefect coordinator and supports learners with the Eskom Expo.

She enjoys nature, art, her dogs & plays tennis competitively.

A Snyman - teacher at HSH
M Smit - teacher at HSH

Michelle Smit

Michelle has a Diploma in Training Management, a Higher Diploma in Labour Law and a B.Ed degree. After years in the corporate sector she started teaching 15 years ago.

She teaches Grades 7, 9 & 10 English (FAL) and Grade 11 Life Orientation. She assists with Golf participation, Eisteddfods and Study Class.

She enjoys hiking, tennis, reading, travelling & socialising. She plans lessons so that learners can apply what they've learnt.

Ciska Osborne

Ciska has a B.Com (Hons) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and she has 7 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 8 Social Science, Grade 10-12 Tourism and Grade 10 Life Orientation. She also coaches netball.

Ciska loves nature and spending time with family and friends. She wants to make a positive difference to all children's lives.

C Osborne - teacher at HSH
S Serfontein - teaching staff at HSH

Sumien Serfontein

Sumien holds a B.Sc degree as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. She has taught for 4 years to date.

She teaches Grade 10 Science, Grades 9-10 Maths and Grades 10-12 Maths Literacy. She coaches athletics & netball.

She enjoys baking, needlework & running. She thinks of her students as family and imagines herself in their shoes.

Jean Rossouw

With a B.Ed degree and 9 years' teaching experience, Jean is a key part of the HSH staffing team.

Jean teaches Grade 9 Natural Science and Grade 10-12 Maths. He coaches our strong first rugby team as well as athletics and looks after HSH's IT needs.

He enjoys woodwork and supports the Stormers. He wisely feels it's important to remain completely approachable in class.

J Rossouw - teacher in Hopefield at HSH
E vd Westhuizen - teacher at HSH

Elna van der Westhuizen

Elna has a B.A., a B.Ed and HED plus a fabulous 25 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 10-12 English and coaches athletics. She also coordinates HSH's cultural activities.

Elna enjoys reading and music. She offers learners the gift of not being judgmental and likes to help uncover children's hidden inner riches.

Jacomien Britz

With her HED and 10 year's experience as a teacher, Jacomien fits right into the culture of HSH.

She teaches Grade 11-12 Life Orientation as well as Business Studies. She also coaches biathlon.

Jacomien loves running, nature & sport. She highlights learners' potential by getting to know them personally.

J Britz - on teaching staff at HSH
H Tallie - grade head at HSH &  teacher

Hermien Tallie - Grade Head

Hermien has a B.Com degree plus a HED and has 28 years' of teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 10-12 Accounting & Grade 9 EMS. She also provides support to First Aid and Study Class.

She loves her dogs and travelling. She believes in meeting a child where they're at and to remain approachable and empathetic as each child has a story to tell.

Marinda van Rooyen

Marinda has an HED, qualified specifically in languages. Furthermore she has experience in special needs education. She has 19 year's teaching experience, including 4 years in private practice. She also worked at HSH 2005-2007.

She's teaching Gr 8 & 9 Afrikaans (FAL) and Gr 9-10 English (FAL). She is involved with cultural activities such as Eisteddfod and public speaking.

Marinda enjoys baking, walking, reading and drama. She is passionate about the youth and offers her sense of humour.

M van Rooyen - Language teacher at HSH
R Labuschagne - teacher at HSH

Riana Labuschagne

With her HED and further Education Diploma and 28 years' teaching experience, Riana is a solid part of the team.

Riana teaches Grade 8-12 Afrikaans (HL). She coaches netball, is instrumental in Debating competitions and is also the Girls Hostel Superintendent.

She loves reading, camping & 4x4 overlanding. Riana is compassionate and rich in life experience to share with kids.

Anri Labuschagne

Anri has a Diploma in Tourism and is studying for her B.Ed through UNISA. She's been teaching for an enthusiastic 2 years.

She teaches Grade 6 English & Social Science; and Grades 7-11 Life Orientation. She coaches netball and long-distance running.

She enjoys horseriding, camping and outdoor adventures. She believes a teacher can make a difference to each child.

A Labuschagne - teacher at HSH
J van Zyl - teacher at HSH

Johan van Zyl

With B.Ed (Hons) and 4 years' teaching experience, Johan fulfils a niche at HSH.

Johan teaches Grade 7&8 Maths, Grade 7 English (FAL), Grade 11 Maths Literacy and Grade 9 Creative Arts. He coaches hurdles and hockey and is instrumental in Eisteddfods and the music concert every few years.

He loves reading and classical music appreciation. He supports uniqueness and tolerance and fiercely resists any bullying or stereotyping.

Gerhard Loots - Grade Head

Gerhard has a B.Ed degree and 3 years' teaching experience gained at HSH.

He teaches Grade 10-12 EGD, Grade 9 Technology & Grade 12 Life Orientation. He coaches rugby and cricket and creates all the school videos.

Gerhard is an avid mountainbiker. He believes in connecting with kids on their level.

G Loots - HSH grade head &  teacher at HSH
E de Vries - teacher at HSH

Enrico de Vries

Enrico has a B.A and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and has been teaching for 2 years now.

He teaches Grade 4-6 Life Skills, Grade 7-10 Life Orientation, Social Sciences for Grade 9, & Grade 10 Geography. He coaches tennis, hockey and does hostel duty.

He plays tennis (runs the Tennis Academy) and loves gardening. He encourages learners to embrace individual expression.

Rosa Lintvelt - Grade Head

Rosa has a B.Ed degree and 5 years' teaching experience.

She teaches Grade 8 English (FAL), Grade 10 Life Orientation, Grade 9 Social Studies & Grades 11-12 Geography. She coaches netball, Eisteddfod and the drama club. She also coordinates the Ms & Mr HSH, the HSH's Got Talent and the Big Brag at Inter-Schools.

She plays netball and loves to read. Regarding her students, she doesn't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

R Lintvelt - teacher at HSH; grade head
F Schippers - teacher at HSH

Francois Schippers

With a B. Com, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and now ongoing B.Ed (Hons) degree and 2 year's experience, Francois is ready for the next challenge.

Francois teaches Grade 7 EMS, Grade 8 Technology, Grade 10 Math Literacy, and Grade 8&9 EMS. He coaches swimming and rugby.

He is a swimmer, hunter & beekeeper and loves all things organic. He aims to be relatable and approachable.

Franciska Rossouw

Franciska has a BA degree in Modern Languages (English, German and French) with Drama and Music, and a post-graduate HED. She has 16 years' teaching experience but also dabbled in the corporate sector for a few years, where she primarily worked in Marketing.

She currently teaches Grade 8&9 English (Home Language) and Grade 11&12 English (First Additional Language). She directs musicals/revue, helps with Eisteddfod and can coach and referee netball.

Franciska loves music, cooking and entertaining. She enjoys spending time in nature (especially where there is no cell phone signal). Her family is very important to her and time spent with her husband and daughters is precious to her.

Language teacher at HSH
Qualified teachers at HSH

Unita Slabber

Unita has a B. Ed. degree and 12 year's teaching experience.

She currently teaches Grade 7-9 Life Orientation and Grade 8 & 9 Creative Arts. She coaches athletics and netball.

Unita has lived in Hopefield for decades and loves sport, travel and creative home activities.

Specialist Student Support

Nicola Jacobs - Counsellor, Career Guidance

Nicola registered with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor after completing her BA (Psychology & Labour Law) and Hons (Psychology) degrees. She has 7 years' experience.

She is the school counsellor and offers career guidance and tests, and can refer to appropriate professionals for further tests or counselling where required. She also offers general support to other HSH members of staff.

Nicola loves animals, watersport, reading and horseriding. She has a gift of listening in a loving-kind, non-judgemental manner and she offers others a map of Hope.

N Jacobs - school counsellor, school psychologist
M Serfontein - remedial teacher at HSH

Marina Serfontein - Remedial Teacher

Marina has a B.Ed (Hons) plus additional courses completed on learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Attention Deficit, Autism, Hyper-activity, in-class Number Sense and the Use of Electronics in class. She has 23 years' teaching experience.

She's offering remedial classes and support to learners with learning barriers.

Marina plays chess and has set the goal of a Comrades Marathon in 2019. She hopes to equip learners with the tools to help them break through barriers.