Hopefield High School relies on fundraising as we get so little from the Government.

How to Support HSH

Usually, the Department of Education provides only 3% of HSH operating costs, so however you can support HSH, it's direly needed! This can be via sponsorships, donations, supporting our fundraisers or simply always paying school fees on time to address this huge shortfall.

In addition, in order to maintain our superb academic excellence, HSH requires constant upgrading of facilities, electronic equipment for classrooms, alternative power etc. HSH also continuously, and strategically, pursues the best teaching staff possible.

Our learners are preparing for a cut-throat world and we NEED your support to educate well-equipped kids for our future. We thank every person and institution that has supported us over the years!

The HSH Donors support learners' education and development - a worthy cause.

Sponsors, Donations & Alumni

There are many ways to support HSH and keep it great:

  • Pay school fees on time (or at least Res 1 contribution).
  • Donate money, skills, labour or material free or at a discount (no fee offset; get tax certificate on request).
  • Sponsor our sports teams (your company logo on our sports attire & our well-ranking website).
  • Support our Fundraisers by sponsoring prizes, assisting with organization or attending.
  • Adopt a needy child by sponsoring uniform, school, hostel or bus fees.

HSH is extremely grateful for our Sponsors (of services, sport clothing and more)! Our top sponsors (based on monetary value, via ongoing auction) feature in the bottom website banner. See Full Sponsor List (PDF).

HSH Alumni also support HSH - thank you! Are you an ex-HSH learner who'd like to pay it forward to help a new generation of students achieve their potential? Let us Know!

Please support HSH by attenting HSH Fundraisers and buying HSH Supporters' Gear

Fundraising & Gear

The school hosts several, well-attended and fun fundraisers throughout the year: "Waterkaskenades", Golf Days, Rugby Days, Quad Bikes, Mr & Miss HSH and more. Sponsoring or attending such days are great ways to support HSH.

Another way is to purchase our Supporters' Gear. HSH offers attractive, functional gear you'd be thrilled to wear to school & sport events (or anywhere, it's so smart) and be an advertisement for HSH! Supporters' Gear offered:

  • Mens and Ladies Softshell Jackets (all sizes)
  • Mens and Ladies Studio Jackets (S-L)
  • Unisex Solo Golfer Shirts (all sizes)
  • Le Coste Cap Navy
  • Supporters' Cushions (at School Clothes Shop)
  • Supporters' Wind-breakers (at School Clothes Shop)

Buy from Eldorina in Vredenburg: order from the Eldorina Price List (PDF), pay & fit with them. Collect in 2 weeks.

How can you contribute to the sustainable success and excellence of our beloved HSH?

Achievements & Goals

In 2023, the following was achieved with our supporters:

  • Invertors to ensure power supply
  • New playground for Foundation Phase
  • Sport Cafe now supplied with gas
  • Foundation Phase classrooms were painted
  • Our new HSH 5 bus is an asset!

Our Top Goals for 2024 are:

  • Synthetic grass at the Snoepie
  • New netball courts